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Penelope Garcia's Most Memorable Nicknames In Criminal Minds

After 15 seasons, "Criminal Minds" ended its long run in 2020, and sadly, its hotly anticipated Paramount+ revival may not be happening anymore. For years, fans eagerly tuned in week after week to follow the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit as they traveled across the U.S. in pursuit of some very dangerous criminals. 

Though mystery and thrills are the focus of "Criminal Minds," its characters provide the true heart of the show. Every member of the BAU certainly had their own distinct personality, and watching the character's relationships is largely what kept fans coming back for more. Audiences especially loved Technical Analyst Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness), the quirky computer whiz who used her tech and hacking skills to help the field agents solve some of their most complicated cases. Though Garcia never had quite the stomach for crime and violence the way her colleagues did, she fit right in with the rest of the team and was always a valued member — so valued, in fact, that she was the recipient of some very memorable nicknames.

Garcia is a woman of many names

The flirty relationship between Penelope Garcia and Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) is one of the most memorable parts of "Criminal Minds." Morgan always called Garcia "Baby Girl" as a term of endearment. However, that wasn't his only sweet pet name for her. He also would call her "Sweetness," "Hot Stuff," and "Dollface," among many others, as seen in this compilation video created by TV Guide.

It wasn't just Morgan who had nicknames for Garcia, however. She was often called variations of her name, such as "Pen," "Penny," or "PG." The online hacker community knew her best as the alias "The Black Queen," due to her penchant for goth-style attire. Not all of Garcia's nicknames were affectionate though — a network of hitmen named her "The Dirty Dozen" when they were unsure of her real identity. 

Garcia's unique sense of style, unabashed individuality, and world-class technical skills made her beloved by the BAU team and "Criminal Minds" fans alike, and her plethora of nicknames proves it.