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Why Fans Are Split On The Leaked Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer

Fans have been begging — nigh on pleading — Marvel Studios to release a trailer for "Spider-Man: No Way Home" for months. After some pandemic-related delays, the flick is finally set to hit theaters on December 17, which means it's time for Marvel to start ramping up publicity for the movie. Or so one would think.

Yet as summer draws to a close, Sony still hasn't produced a trailer for everyone's favorite web crawler's latest adventure. The delays connected to its release have become so long-lived at this point that even Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige responded to questions about its arrival, telling ComicBook.com that "[He] can only guarantee there will be a trailer before the movie comes out." 

Then on Sunday, a "No Way Home" trailer appeared to leak (primarily over TikTok, according to Entertainment Weekly), making it just one of three information leaks about the film that have emerged over the summer but undeniably the biggest yet. Here's why the fanbase is split over the clip's sudden appearance.

How much information is too much information?

Some fans are waiting for an officially released trailer, which means they don't want to see spoilers for "No Way Home" on their timelines. That's led to quite a schism in the fandom between those who want to chat about what they've seen in the clip and those who believe that waiting for an official trailer release is proper fan decorum. "I saw a comment saying that the Spider-Man leak is Sony/Marvel's fault because, I quote, "they didn't give it to us sooner". I hope the movie is pushed back to 2022 now," tweeted user @Hatrik_Swayze.

A lack of spoiler warnings has also proved to be a problem. ComicBook.com's Chris Killian compared looking at the leaks and then spoiling others to peeking at a Christmas present. "{I]f you peeked & now you're telling the other kids what they're getting for Xmas, congrats, you're a s*** person!" he tweeted.

Other fans are agog from the visuals they glimpsed. "Holy s***. Some of the leaks for Spider-Man No Way Home are freaking insane," wrote @DanIsDTM, adding that they think the movie could be the best Spider-Man movie "ever made, and I'm not joking." "[M]y childhood is back," agreed @RyanSamRichards.

And, as in any large group, there are members of the fanbase who are happy to sit back and soak up the chaos. "it's so funny to see the entire spider-man fanbase have a complete meltdown over these leaks despite knowing about them over the last couple years," @lividkatsu commented. 

In December, fans will all get to see if the trailer lives up to their expectations when "No Way Home" finally premieres in theaters.