Apparent Spider-Man: No Way Home Suit Leak Has Fans Up In Arms

Now that "Black Widow" is right around the corner, Marvel Cinematic Universe enthusiasts are eager to learn more about the disappointingly delayed "Spider-Man: No Way Home," which was initially slated to land in theaters in July 2021. However, what appeared to be leak of Peter Parker's (Tom Holland) new Spidey suit seems to have not entirely satisfied that itch for fans, with some taking to Twitter to express their disappointment.

On Thursday, June 1, various Twitter users — notably a fan account that posts "Spider-Man: No Way Home," "Venom," and "Morbius" movie news — posted a collage photo of two separate images showing Spider-Man dressed in a red-and-black suit featuring gold accents. The photo has a "MOVIEBLOG" watermark displayed over it, but it didn't take long before others tracked down the possible source of at least one of the images. According to Twitter user @REDACTEDSpider, the photo of Spider-Man standing up and looking up at the sky appears to be the same photo as concept art created by Ryan Meinerding, the Head of Visual Development at Marvel Studios, as seen in the official concept art book for "Spider-Man: Far From Home."

As for the other image, a shot of Spider-Man wearing this new suit and swinging mid-air, it looks like it's also featured on the boxes of three new LEGO sets associated with the film. Additionally, the LEGO Spider-Man figures included the new playsets are wearing suits that look just like the one seen in the photos circulating social media.

So, while all this is quite complex and can't be pinned down as a legitimate leak or not, with less than six months until the movie's December 2021 release date, some fans feel like they need to know more about "No Way Home." And unfortunately, many aren't pleased with even the possibility of Peter wearing the red-black-and-gold suit in the upcoming movie.

Fans are frustrated with the trickle of information about Spider-Man: No Way Home

The reaction from fans on Twitter was swift, with many airing their grievances about the film's delays and a general lack of information. Twitter user @Leo2099_exe wrote, "So we've got the leaked suit and a Lego set that already spoil parts of the movie and Sony still hasn't released a trailer." Others felt that the suit seen in the photos and the new LEGO sets stray too far from a typical Spider-Man outfit. As Twitterer @Luis62353472 said, "I wish he could go back to the iconic blue and red."

Not all fans felt that this look — regardless of whether it's Spidey's true new get-up — is necessarily a betrayal of the classic Spider-Man look. One Twitter user, @INPAIN_FN, pointed out that the original appearance of the superhero was colored with much darker shades, which could even be black. Others tried to see if they could connect the suit with previous iterations to understand what it meant for the film; @parunephantom commented, "To me it looks like iron spider mixed with the advanced suit which happen to be 2 of my favorite spidey suits."

While reactions to the suit situation landed on both sides of the spectrum, some fans seemed exhausted from the cycle of leaks in the lead-up to "Spider-Man: No Way Home." Twitter user @carries_town remembered old fights about new Spider-Man suits, while @EvanFilarca remarked that they have been "desensitized" to the conceptual shifts the MCU has undergone.

There will almost certainly be some more reveals before the premiere of "Spider-Man: No Way Home," but fans will just have to wait until December 17 to watch the film and have (hopefully) all their questions answered.