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Gotham Promo Teases Bruce's Transformation

It appears that finally, Gotham will get its Batman.

In a new teaser for the final part of Gotham's third season, young master Bruce (David Mazouz) a pep talk that could start him on his path to super-heroism. "People are afraid," he's told. "And fear breeds hopelessness. Gotham needs something that you can provide: a protector."

Obviously, this was always in the cards. We all know where Bruce Wayne ends up. It's sort of like a Titanic prequel that's focused solely on the construction of the boat. But just because the destination is obvious, that doesn't mean the journey can't be interesting.

And it looks like Gotham's season 3 is about to ramp up Bruce's evolution. The promo shows us fleeting glimpses of Bruce in training, something that will likely involve the recent casting of Game of Thrones actor Alexander Siddig as Ra's al Ghul.

However, it's worth pointing out that the enigmatic Court of Owls still seems to be running Gotham City, and they even have a clone of Bruce at their disposal. Is that Bruce or the clone smirking at the end of the trailer? We'll have to tune in April 24 to begin to find out.

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