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See The Creepy New Poster For The Mummy Reboot

Princess Ahmanet is here to freak you out in the newest poster for the upcoming Mummy reboot.

The new poster, which you can view below, shows Ahmanet's dual irises and the writing on her face. It was shared on the movie's Twitter account with the caption "She will not stop until she has remade our world into her own."

Sofia Boutella, who plays the new villainess, spoke about her character recently at CinemaCon, saying that she is a former princess who was promised a role as pharaoh, only to have it all ripped away from her. The princess, who knows how to summon gods, gets pretty mad about it and ends up accidentally summoning the wrong god, something which "stays with her," according to Boutella.

Tom Cruise, Annabelle Wallis, Russell Crowe, Courtney B. Vance, and Jake Johnson also star in the reboot, which is intended to launch a classic horror movie cinematic universe for Universal, with Crowe's Dr. Jekyll potentially having the role of tying it all together. Javier Bardem will at some point play Frankenstein, while Johnny Depp will play the Invisible Man in future films.

The reboot will scare its way into theaters on June 9. In the meantime, watch the first trailer above and read up on some of the future remakes and reboots we're looking forward to.