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Tom Cruise Performs Crazy Zero-Gravity Stunt In The Mummy

When it comes to doing his own stunts, Tom Cruise is an absolute madman. In Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, he climbed up the side of the world's tallest building, and in Rogue Nation, he strapped himself onto an airplane and went at least 1,000 feet up in the air. But his superhero abilities aren't just limited to Mission: Impossible movies. According to Variety, Cruise got pretty extreme while filming The Mummy, eschewing a sound stage for a zero-gravity plane.

If you've seen the trailer, then you know there's an intense scene in The Mummy where a flock of birds brings down a massive transport plane, causing everyone on board to fly wildly around the cabin. At first, you might be tempted to think you're looking at some CGI trickery, but rest assured, it's 100 percent real. The cast and crew actually boarded a plane and took four separate flights to simulate a zero-g environment. The shoot took two days, and they needed a staggering 64 takes to do the scene properly. And needless to say, this was all Cruise's idea. In fact, the sequence was supposed to be shot safely on the ground, but the actor wanted to bring some terrifying realism to the scene. Naturally, all that floating around made quite a few people lose their lunch, but according to actress Annabelle Wallis, Cruise "did not barf."

Of course he didn't. He's Tom Cruise.

If you're interested in seeing a bit of behind-the-scenes footage of this crazy stunt, check out the featurette above. And while you're waiting for The Mummy to rise from its sarcophagus on June 9, be sure to check out some movie stunts that went horribly wrong.