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Deadpool 2 Writer Wants Hugh Jackman To Cameo

So we know that it's unlikely we'll see Hugh Jackman make an appearance as Wolverine in Deadpool 2. But what about Hugh Jackman as Hugh Jackman?

The Hollywood Reporter posed the question to co-writer Rhett Reese, and he was extremely open to the possibility. "Oh my gosh, that's one we haven't heard," Reese said. "That's not a bad idea. I like that. Deadpool lives in a world where Hugh Jackman is out there. He's got the People's 'Sexiest Man Alive' cover that he staples to his forehead in the first movie, so maybe he could meet Hugh as Hugh. That would be really funny."

He's got a point. We all know how Deadpool feels about Jackman, and that corner of the MCU (the one without a fourth wall) is a magical, R-rated place where actors and their characters seem to exist separately. After all, Deadpool mentions Ryan Reynolds in the first movie, and it's almost like he's not talking in the first-person. It would be entirely possible that Jackman could be completely unaware of Wolverine and the fact that he looks just like him, a point that Deadpool would likely bring up.

Reynolds would probably be down. He's been lobbying for a Deadpool and Wolverine movie for a while now, and he once said it's just because he wants to work with the Logan star. "Hugh Jackman is one of the best human beings," Reynolds said. "Part of the reason I want to do a Deadpool/Wolverine movie is not just because I think the two would light the screen on fire, but I genuinely love the guy."

The tricky part would be convincing Jackman, who has insisted that he's finished playing Wolverine. But he never said anything about playing himself. We wouldn't be surprised to see this actually happen, although now that we'd be expecting it, the idea could be less exciting to Jackman.

We'll have to wait a while to find out. The writers have said they aren't going to rush Deadpool 2, and it's not expected until 2018. In the meantime, check out a few Deadpool team up movies we'd pay to see.