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Cyborg Attacks In New Justice League Teaser

A new Justice League trailer tease features Cyborg (Ray Fisher) in action. In the short video (probably the last of the teases we will see before the full trailer debuts Saturday morning), Victor can be seen walking down the street out of costume before he suits up and readies for battle. The trailer ends with a quick action clip and then the shot of the full team (minus Superman). Cyborg's tease is accompanied by the caption "Smarter United."

Aquaman, Batman, The Flash, and Wonder Woman have already received trailer teases showing their characters in action, as well as hinting at some of the film's locations. The movie has also gotten a new poster, featuring the team's logo with a ray of light coming out of the center, a new website, and new character posters to hype up the upcoming trailer release, which could potentially arrive during Saturday morning's broadcast of NBC's The Today Show, where the Aquaman teaser first aired.

Justice League is due out on Nov. 17. While we wait, check out everything we know about the film so far and see what the cast looked like as kids. You can also view Cyborg's character poster below.