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Wonder Woman's Justice League Teaser Revealed

Wonder Woman makes the team smarter in the newest Justice League trailer tease. In the short video, Gal Gadot can be seen as Diana Prince before she's shown suited up walking through a bunker before what looks to be a pretty intense battle scene. The clip was shared with the caption "Wiser United."

Wonder Woman's teammates Aquaman, Batman, and the Flash have already gotten their own trailer teases and character posters, and Ray Fisher's Cyborg is expected to pop up in a tease at some point today. The trailer is slated to debut Saturday morning, potentially during NBC's The Today Show, where the Aquaman trailer tease debuted. The trailer should pop up online shortly after; keep checking here for the video.

Justice League also got a new poster, featuring the team's logo with a ray of light coming from the center, and a new website ahead of the trailer debut. The movie is due out Nov. 17, so it makes sense that marketing is starting to ramp up. Hopefully, we'll begin to learn even more about Justice League in the coming weeks.

For now, though, take a look at everything we know about the movie so far and check out the trailer for Wonder Woman's solo outing, which will hit theaters June 2.