See Stranger Things Star Joe Keery Play Ferris Bueller

Pizza, '80s movies, and the dreamboat from our latest television obsession? Now this is a crossover we can get behind.

Joe Keery took the TV-watching world by storm as the flippy-haired love interest, Steve Harrington, in Stranger Things. The Duffer Brothers-created series saw him in an all-out '80s homage, and Keery's back again in the era of big hair and even bigger mischief, trying the role of Ferris Bueller on for size.

Keery recreates classic scenes from the 1986 John Hughes teen comedy Ferris Bueller's Day Off in an all-new ad campaign for the pizza chain, Domino's. Seen dashing about the neighborhood, hopping over fences and racing against the clock to get home in time to greet the pizza delivery guy, Keery as Ferris is fairly faithful amidst the food-based fixes.

The first, and likely most recognizable, of the Domino's ads shows Keery's recreation of the famous race home scene. Like Matthew Broderick had done in the original, Keery smooth-talks some sun-bathing girls; only this time, he attempts to spark their interest with his meal choice, saying, "Hey, I just ordered Domino's." Another great moment in the clip is Alan Ruck's guest appearance. Ruck played Cameron, Ferris's chronically-worried best friend, in the 1986 original, and can be spotted wearing the same Gordie Howe Red Wings jersey he'd worn 31 years earlier.

Check it out above.

Domino's offered a double dose of Keery as Ferris with a shorter ad showing the actor parodying the original film's "life moves fast" monologue. Fit with a shower-scene mohawk and a devilishly charming smile, Keery seems to nail the feel of the classic all while bringing his own flair to Ferris. Watch for yourself below:Fans can see more of Keery in his usual role as Steve Harrington when Stranger Things's second season premieres on October 31. Until then, read up on the untold truth of the well-loved series.