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iZombie Releases Rocking Season 3 Extended Trailer

iZombie may be dealing with an all out war against the human race in its third season, but that doesn't mean that the CW dramedy is going to get too serious. In the extended trailer for season 3, Liv and the gang can be seen rocking out, taking selfies, and (of course) eating brains, all while dealing with a new militarized zombie threat descending on Seattle.

If you haven't seen iZombie yet (which we definitely recommend you get on), Rose McIver's Liv does a pretty good job of summing up the logline for the series in her voiceover at the start of the trailer: "I'm a zombie," she says. "Major is a zombie. We're all on the same team. We eat brains and we solve murders." In season 3, though, Liv will have to deal with far more than just the cases she works on with the Seattle PD: she will also be struggling with a private military contractor's zombie army, which is preparing to fight against the humans when they learn of the zombie's existence. Liv's erstwhile zombified ex-boyfriend Major will also find himself in a new job with the army, which could put a strain on his already complicated relationship with Liv if she chooses not to side with them.

Meanwhile, Liv's Seattle PD contact Clive Babineaux will have to come to terms with the newfound revelation that his partner is a zombie, while Aly Michalka's Peyton and David Anders' Blaine seem to be considering their budding (and probably ill-fated) romance. Ravi (Rahul Kohli) will also deal with more than just Major's new obsession with selfies and BFFs following his teenage girl brain trip. According to the season's synopsis, he will have to contend with his former boss from the Center for Disease Control, who shows up in Seattle demanding answers for the Max Rager massacre.

iZombie returns for a third season more than a year after the season 2 finale, premiering April 4 on The CW. In the meantime, see the real reason why iZombie creator Rob Thomas' critical darling Veronica Mars was canceled.