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See Jeff Garlin In The Trailer For Netflix Mystery Handsome

Jeff Garlin is on the hunt for a killer in the first trailer for Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie. In the movie, Garlin stars as Gene Handsome, a Los Angeles homicide detective tasked with solving a pretty gruesome murder. According to the movie's synopsis, Handsome will have to balance solving the crime and making sense of his life– and he's only good at one of those two things.

"As a detective there's no greater skill that you can hone than your intuition," Garlin says in the voiceover at the start of the trailer. "If you can't trust your gut, you might as well be in parking enforcement." The trailer then shows what Handsome will need to use his intuition on next, showing the head (and no body) of the murdered Heather Dromgoole, who, from the trailer, does not seem to have been very popular.

Garlin is backed up by his partner Detective Fleur Scozzari, played by Orange is the New Black's Natasha Lyonne, and a whole host of other comedy powerhosues, including Amy Sedaris, Christine Woods, Steven Weber, Eddie Pepitone, Leah Remini, and even The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco in a cameo as herself.

The trailer for the movie, which was also written and directed by Garlin, makes it seem like the kind of slapstick, uncomfortable comedy for which the Curb Your Enthusiasm star is known. However, the murder mystery promises to add another level to the comedy, which Netflix describes as a Columbo-style mystery film.

Handsome will hit Netflix on May 5. In the meantime, see some of the streaming service's best exclusive releases so far.