Here's The Luke Skywalker Photo Lucasfilm Didn't Want You To See

Even the greatest Jedi in the galaxy has been caught photographed in some silly circumstances.

Star Wars acting legend Mark Hamill, the man behind Luke Skywalker, confessed that there's a photo of him as the saber-wielding space hero that Lucasfilm never wanted the masses to see. Hamill, being the social media expert and big personality that he is, shared that exact picture on his Twitter account.

The nostalgic photo shows Hamill decked out in almost all of Luke's signature threads on the set of Star Wars: A New Hope.

"For years, Lucasfilm wouldn't release this pic. [You] can see the low-cut t-shirt under my tunic [and] I'm not wearing my leggings," Hamill shared with his Twitter audience of more than 1.7 million followers. He tacked on the hashtag "#StopInTheNameOfLove," poking a bit of fun at the slightly goofy pose he's striking in the picture.

Hamill's altered fashion choices in the photo obviously don't align with the clear-cut look sported by Luke Skywalker in the films, and that's allegedly the reason why Lucasfilm didn't want the photo to see the light of day.

Technically, a Star Wars fan account was the first to tweet the photo of Luke, which was accompanied by a caption that questioned the actor's attire. Twitter user Mark Hamill UK/France addressed Hamill: "Wondering what was that white bandeau [across your] chest?"

This picture comes just a few days after another heart-warming set photo was shared: Hamill posted what was perhaps the very first picture of Luke Skywalker ever taken.

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