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Did Michael Weatherly Tease His NCIS Season 19 Return?

Michael Weatherly's portrayal of Tony DiNozzo on "NCIS" cemented him as a favorite among the show's many memorable characters. Close to Gibbs (Mark Harmon), and second in command to him, fans fell in love with DiNozzo's ways. When "NCIS" fans gather to speak of the characters they miss the most, they often wistfully mention his name. Weatherly's been very busy post-NCIS, though, so until now, the notion of him returning seemed highly unlikely. 

According to the last onscreen update we received about the character in 2016, DiNozzo was living with Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) in Paris, France with their young daughter. The twosome, presumably, finally together and content, likely making the heart of many fans go pitter-pat. But might DiNozzo be making a comeback? "NCIS" is currently filming its 19th season, and the actor posted a picture that appears to confirm his character's return. Here's what we know about the possibility of DiNozzo returning to the "NCIS" fold.

Will the actor direct or appear onscreen?

In a Tweet Weatherly posted on July 28, he wrote "#ncis Camera is king." The image shows Weatherly on the set of the show, wearing DiNozzo's uniform of a hat, jacket, and jeans standing before a camera rig with a camera man and director mounted behind it. He seems to be mugging into the camera.

Does this mean there's a return in the works for Weatherly to the program?  If there is, it will be brief by necessity. Since Weatherly is still committed to another CBS show — "Bull," which was recently picked up for a 5th season and will premiere on October 7 (via Deadline) — don't expect him to stick around permanently. And it's quite possible that the actor won't even appear onscreen; he's directed two episodes of the series before (via IMDb), and might be making a return appearance to do so. Either way, it's definitely exciting news for "NCIS" fans.