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What It Really Means To Win A Season Of Alone

The History Channel's reality survival show "Alone" drops ten contestants (usually weathered survival experts) in the middle of the wilderness to see if they can survive by themselves in some of the most remote locations on the planet. Without a filming crew and zero provisions, they are allowed to bring 10 specific survival tools to aid them during the show. Completely separated from the modern world, the contestants are given video cameras to record themselves every day of their survival journey. Some last a few days, others weeks. One contestant in the show's 7th Season, Roland Welker, survived 100 days in the wild and ended up receiving a $1-million-prize. Typically, the winner of each season who makes it out alive receives a grand prize of $500,000. So what does the last man standing on "Alone" really get out of the entire competition? Let's find out.

Each contestant leaves their life behind as they embark on a rough stand-alone mission to see who comes out on top. However, aside from winning a hefty chunk of cash, winning a season of "Alone" means much more to the would-be survivalists. While in the vast solitude of the wilderness, the contestants have plenty of time to think about the decisions they've made in their lives, what's truly important to them, and how they can use their experiences on the show to teach others helpful tips and tricks about surviving in the wild.

The lessons that "Alone" taught the winners

Many contestants in each season couldn't make it through the harsh conditions of the wilderness. Fears about bears and wolves, starvation, weight loss, gastrointestinal pains, and injuries were just some of the reasons why contestants tapped out. Some of them simply couldn't stand being alone and found they missed their families and partners too much to continue. Despite the immense pressures that contestants face, a select few were able to withstand all of Mother Nature's challenges.

According to TheCinemaholic, Season 3 winner, Zachary Fowler, survived for 87 days in the Patagonian wilderness and used a portion of the money to buy a new car for his wife, pay off debts, and even had plans of building a house. Zachary went on to have a successful YouTube channel where he teaches wilderness survival advice. Season 6 winner, Jordan Jonas, survived for 77 days in the Northwest Territories of Canada, and he also has his own successful YouTube channel where he teaches courses on survivalism. His biggest lesson from "Alone" (via History) was that while he was free from distraction and had time with his thoughts, he realized that there isn't much more that's important in life than spending time with family and being with loved ones.