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Alone Season 8 Release Date, Cast And Location - What We Know So Far

Reality competition shows have only gotten more intense over the last couple of decades. The subgenre has gone on to encompass everything from singing ("The Voice") to cooking ("Hell's Kitchen"), but it's hard to remember that it all began with a little show called "Survivor" where a bunch of people were sent into the middle of nowhere and had to use their physical and mental prowess to go home with the big prize but only after proving they can secure food, shelter, and water all on their own. 

For someone without a ton of survivalist training, it certainly comes across as a daunting challenge. But compared to History's "Alone," it looks like a walk in the park. "Alone" has run for seven seasons, and it ups the ante by completely isolating all of the participants. People on "Survivor" are at least placed in tribes where they can rely on others to help them out a little bit. Not so much for "Alone" where the people are given a limited amount of supplies to try to make it work in some of the most desolate landscapes on the planet. There's not even a camera crew to provide some semblance of humanity.

It's one of the most extreme challenges put on TV, but it's all in an effort to win up to $1 million. Here's what to anticipate for "Alone" Season 8.

What's the release date for Alone Season 8?

According to History's website, a new season of "Alone" will drop on the network in June 2021. This is in line with most other seasons of the show to debut at the start of summer. In terms of production, it makes sense considering filming tends to begin in the autumn. The idea is that the participants have a limited window before winter starts, so it will either weed out the weak from the strong or convince people to fortify their accommodations before it gets overly cold out.

Most of the time, a winner has been decided between two and three months of a given season starting, so with editing, a June release date has been ideal. It's unclear if the COVID-19 pandemic impacted production at all, but if anything, this is one show that's pretty much pandemic-proof. All of the contestants are practically in quarantine anyway since they're not even close to each other, so it looks like everything has been able to stay on track within the last year.

Who's in the cast for Alone Season 8?

Each season of "Alone" takes 10 individuals who think they have what it takes to withstand the elements with limited supplies. They come from all over North America to stick it out for as long as possible until only one person is left standing. As of now, there have been no reports regarding the names of those competing in the eighth season, but all will come to light before long. 

From the preview clips we've seen so far that have been released by History, one thing seems abundantly clear — the cast isn't going to be alone when they head into the unknown. A 30-second clip shows one participant coming face-to-face with a mountain lion (via History). From bears to wolves, History doesn't mess around when it comes to putting the cast of "Alone" in the thick of it. Fortunately, there haven't been any full-blown animal attacks on the series ... yet.

What's the location for Alone Season 8?

For seven seasons, "Alone" has taken audiences around the globe to watch how 10 survivalists manage to stand up to harsh conditions. Several seasons have dropped competitors in a remote region of British Columbia, but we've also seen people tough it out in the likes of Mongolia and Argentina. For Season 8, it looks as though the show is getting back to its roots and dropping people off near Chilko Lake in British Columbia. 

From the limited footage that's been shared by History so far, it's looking like a rough time out near the lake. For at least a portion of filming, there's a good deal of snowfall, and temperatures in the area have been known to get down to 15 degrees Fahrenheit (via BritshColumbia.com). It's a good thing the participants are given a fire starter set, or this is one competition that would end up being incredibly short.