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The One Question Angela Kang Refuses To Answer About The Walking Dead

"The Walking Dead" executive producer Angela Kang gives good interviews. Even when she chooses not to answer plot-related questions about future events on the show –- which is often -– she will straight-up say she's not going to answer because it's a spoiler. She'll do it with a laugh and in such a forthright manner that it's not a non-answer, but rather a genuine and friendly answer in which the answer is "I'm not going to tell you, sorry." It feels like a more honest strategy than the one taken by showrunners who give wishy-washy "we'll see" answers to similar questions.

The biggest question that she refuses to answer about the final season of "The Walking Dead," so far, is whether we'll see missing characters like Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) return before the end of the show. It makes a lot of sense that she doesn't want to answer that question, because it will ruin the surprise if and when character returns do happen. But even the way she declines to answer the question is interesting and maybe gives some insight into what she has in store for Season 11 (which she does already have planned "in a big picture sense" all the way to the end).

Angela Kang respectfully declines

Deadline asked Angela Kang if fans would get to see Rick Grimes return in the final season, because his role in the Commonwealth storyline in the comics that the show is now tackling is so pivotal, and the show could help set up the planned Rick Grimes cinematic spin-off.

"I've been getting this question a lot, and it is one question that I cannot get into, so, yeah, I'm going to have to respectfully evade," she said.

Deadline's Dominic Patten pressed her by saying that her refusal to comment will make people think Rick is definitely returning. "I think, you know, it really, truly, doesn't mean one thing or another, but there's other things happening in the franchise," she said. "There is universe implication. So, there's a lot that's sort of like not really under my umbrella." The Walking Dead Universe chief content officer Scott Gimple is in charge of the movie and overseeing the entire ever-expanding franchise.

So we're not getting an answer about Rick Grimes. But what about some other missing characters who aren't as important to the overall franchise, like Heath (Corey Hawkins) or Connie (Lauren Ridloff)? "Dominic, I think that's another one that I won't get into because I think it gets a little too spoiler-y if I answer, either way, and that's truly not the point in any direction of an answer, but I think it's just a little too spoiler-y," she said.

So there you have it. Respectful "no comments" from Angela Kang about the future of "The Walking Dead." The way it has always been and will always be.