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Why Janet From The Last Letter From Your Lover Looks So Familiar

If you're in the mood for a generic, star-crossed romance set in the recent past — but you're sick of re-watching "The Notebook" — you might be interested in "The Last Letter from Your Lover." The plot of the movie bounces back and forth from the mid-1960s to present day, where a young journalist finds a trove of love letters between two young people whose life circumstances tore their relationship apart. As she dives into the past, she begins to feel sorry for the authors of the letters and vows to reunite them in the present.

If you want to find out whether or not she is successful, you'll have to watch the movie. Trite plot aside, there are a few bright spots in the movie — one of which is Janet, played by Ann Ogbomo. If her face looks familiar, there's a very good reason for it. She's had small roles in several popular movies over the last few years. She even played a prominent character in a recent SyFy series that you may have watched and enjoyed. Let's go over some of her more prominent acting achievements and see if anything jogs your memory.

Ann Ogbomo was a Camp Humphrey soldier in World War Z

If you ask fans of Max Brooks' novel "World War Z" what they think of the movie adaptation, many of them will bluntly tell you that the film is a cinematic abomination which should never have been made. It diverges so much from the source material that in a Venn diagram of the two, those circles never touch. That didn't stop the movie from earning a 72% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes from people who prefer fast-paced action movies over reading and $540 million worldwide.

If you paid close enough attention, though, you may remember seeing Ogbomo's face in the earlier half of the movie. She is at Camp Humphreys, a military base which Brad Pitt flees to with his family in tow. Her cameo may be a brief one, but it is certainly not insignificant. Her playing a soldier in "World War Z" is far from the only time in her career that she plays a strong female character.

She's the powerful amazon warrior Philippus in the DC Cinematic Universe

In addition to playing a military soldier in "World War Z," Ogbomo also plays a similar role in several feature films recently adopted from the DC Cinematic Universe. In "Wonder Woman" (2017), "Justice League" (2017), and "Zack Snyder's Justice League" (2021), Ogbomo plays the powerful Amazon warrior Philippus.

Although Philippus seems to play a relatively minor role in the films, her character in the DC Universe plays a much bigger part among the Amazons. She is the right-hand woman of Queen Hippolyta and either co-ruled right alongside her or acted as Queen of the Amazons in her absence. If you're wondering whether or not this hinted at some steamy romance between the two characters, you're not alone. Long before movies like "Justice League" came along, Gail Simone herself — author of "Birds of Prey," among many other books — wanted to write in a love story for the two Amazons. Unfortunately, the powers that be at DC decided to go in a different direction after giving her false hope that the narrative would be approved. But how great would it be if they managed to work that subplot into one of the movies?

Ogbomo was Jayna-Zod in the SyFy series Krypton

In the Syfy Original Series "Krypton," the plot of the show goes back two generations to tell the story of Superman's grandfather trying to save the planet of Krypton from its own inevitable implosion. Even the most casual fan of Superman lore knows that Superman's grandfather did not succeed. The show had a very successful first season on the Syfy network before getting cancelled after Season 2.

In the show, Ogbomo plays Jayna-Zod, matriarch of the Zod family at the time. She is a fierce warrior who values the honor of her family above almost all else. We have to qualify that with an "almost" because her daughter, Lyta-Zod, repeatedly dishonors the family and has to get rescued by her mother from troubles of her own making. In our humble opinion, Ogbomo does a fantastic job as Jayna-Zod on the show. With any luck, audiences can see her in similar roles with as much or more prominence in future endeavors.