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Attack On Titan Fans Just Got Amazing News Ahead Of Final Season Part 2

The road to finishing "Attack on Titan" has been long and arduous for fans of the anime. On the cusp of concluding its thrilling tale about man-eating giants, political intrigue, and uncovering the deeply buried secrets which hold this grim world together, the show switched animation studios from Wit to MAPPA before coming face-to face with its longest delay since the four year gap between Season 1 (2013) and Season 2 (2017). The last time fans saw anything from "Attack on Titan" was when MAPPA aired the first half of the final season back in 2020.

However, it appears that — finally — things are beginning to change. "Attack on Titan" fans just got amazing news ahead of Part 2 of the Final Season. Soon, the burning mysteries that were first teased almost a decade ago (!) in 2013 will be solved, and the epic saga that is "Attack on Titan" will come to a close. 

Here's what we now know about when the big release will happen.

Part 2 of Attack on Titan's Final Season will end in ... January

According to the official "Attack on Titan" Twitter page (as of August 2021), it looks like episode 76 of "Attack on Titan" will air in Japan sometime in January 2022. 

This confirms the earlier estimation Looper has made regarding the release of "Attack on Titan's" final episodes. However, the release date for the series' conclusion isn't the only news that the creators of "Attack on Titan" had in store for fans, because in addition to the release date, the tweet also announced that an omnibus episode is set to air just prior to the series' final episodes. This episode will briefly cover much of the events of the series up to that point, refreshing many fans' stale memories — after all, this saga has been ongoing for quite some time — and possibly giving a sense of nostalgia as they get to see how far the show has come since it began ... that is assuming, of course, that omnibus episodes are your kind of thing.

Either way, one thing that this tweet does not cover is how fans outside of Japan will come to see the finale of "Attack on Titan," which remains the big question for many viewers. Given the series' popularity, it will no doubt release simultaneously (or soon after) the episodes initially air in Japan. However, it's not made clear when exactly these episodes will become available on international streaming services. Stay tuned for more information as it develops, but either way, it's clear that a light is finally at the end of the tunnel.