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Euphoria's Jacob Elordi Teases An Insane Season 2

Over the years, HBO has been the home for so many critically-acclaimed (and commercially successful) shows — including "The Sopranos," "The Wire," "Game of Thrones," and "Watchmen" — that, as a result, every major new HBO release tends to make a big splash in pop culture. Such was also the case in 2019, when HBO premiered "Euphoria," starring Zendaya as Rue Bennett, a drug-addicted teenager. Created by future "Malcolm & Marie" filmmaker Sam Levinson, the show — which was inspired by an Israeli young adult drama of the same title — follows a group of high school students as they deal with issues ranging from substance abuse, to sex, to trauma, to teen bullying.

The show's first season was a major success, with Zendaya accompanied by such talented performers as Sydney Sweeney, Maude Apatow, and Colman Domingo in its cast. Another breakout star from the series, though, was Jacob Elordi, who plays local school football star Nate Jacobs. 

Elordi — who, before "Euphoria," was primarily known for his work in the 2018 Netflix romantic comedy "The Kissing Booth," which has since had two sequels — is one of the actors guaranteed to come back when "Euphoria" finally returns for a second season. And in a recent interview, Elordi hinted at some of what's ahead. 

Jacob Elordi say the new season will be very "different"

Nate was a major antagonist throughout the first season of "Euphoria" — Jacob Elordi himself once described his character to W Magazine as an "emotional terrorist, a narcissist, a sociopath, a freak" –  but the place where his storyline left off could put him in a very different place going forward, depending on what direction the show takes. And in an interview on the late night talk show "Jimmy Kimmel Live," Elordi spoke with guest host Julie Bowen, filling in for Kimmel, about the second season of "Euphoria," saying that it would be very different from the first season.

"We're shooting right now. We've been ... I was filming yesterday, I'm filming tomorrow. It's insane." Elordi said in response to Bowen's question about what he could tell her about the show. "It's just, it's insane. But it's like a completely different show."

It's worth noting that while Elordi answered this question, he was side-stepping a more direct inquiry from Bowen about which characters — his, or someone else's? — might wind up getting killed in the second season. Artful dodge aside, his reply that the second season is "insane" and "completely different" should be a good indicator that Season 2 might be even wilder and trippier than anything that's come before, so fans should be pumped. 

HBO has yet to announce a premiere date for the second season of "Euphoria." The show's first season, as well as two special episodes, are currently available on HBO Max.