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Why Dacre Montgomery Could Be Reprising His Stranger Things Role

Hawkins, Indiana is a rollercoaster of a place, with each subsequent Thing coming out of it seemingly Stranger than the last. Extradimensional "Dungeons & Dragons" monsters terrorize the children. Kids are subjected to MKUltra-level experimentation. David Harbour grows a mustache and it somehow doesn't wind up being a distraction. That David Harbour is a heck of a performer.

That's all well and weird, but could the series make the leap to performing a full-on resurrection in the upcoming fourth season? That's the question that fans have been asking themselves for the better part of a year thanks to a perceived breadcrumb trail of hints that Dacre Montgomery might be returning to "Stranger Things" in the role of Billy Hargrove. Billy was last seen — spoiler alert — during the season three episode "The Battle of Starcourt." In a valiant and redemptive act of self-sacrifice, the young man threw himself on a Mind Flayer grenade in order to save an exhausted Eleven from certain doom. Tragically, he succumbed to his wounds not long after, dying the painful death of an absolved former bully ... or did he?

Is Billy back in the swing of "Things?"

He did, yes, but it seems that even the immovable certainty of death isn't a permanent fixture in the world of "Stranger Things."

At least that's the scuttlebutt among fans, who sprang to attention at the sight of a Twitter post from Billy Hargrove actor Dacre Montgomery in October of 2020. The post in question featured an image of Montgomery sporting a familiar looking aesthetic, complete with wispy mustache, curled hair, and tank top — all right around the time that "Stranger Things" series four was meant to be shooting.

Is it a long shot? Certainly. The smart money is on Montgomery shooting flashback scenes for the show, or dream sequences, or maybe just developing a fondness for trashy '80s couture during his time on the series and making the transition into rocking it on a day to day basis. Still, could a full-on return from the dead be in the cards for the show's forthcoming season? Stranger things have happened.