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Way Of The Househusband Season 2 - What We Know So Far

Netflix's "Way of the Househusband" has won many hearts during its brief time on the streaming giant. 

Spun off from a popular manga series which also has a live action adaption, "Way of the Househusband" tweaks traditional anime clichés while giving viewers sympathetic characters. Centered around a former yakuza boss named Tatsu who falls in love with a spirited career woman named Miku and gives up a life of vendettas and organized crime to become a househusband, the series' humor originates from the divide between years of Tatsu's training aiding, abetting or clashing with such simple tasks as buying a DVD for his wife, caring for the family pet, or cooking a fancy meal.  The series has been pretty successful on Netflix and has already (according to Anime News Network) been approved for a part 2, or second season.

What adventures will Tatsu meet up with? Will he meet more former foes and allies on his path to househusbandry? Here's what we know so far.

When will the second season of Way of the Househusband be released?

Because the second season was greenlit in April, fans of the show are going to have to wait a while for more episodes, even if the second season out has just five episodes, as its predecessor does. There is no official airdate for the second season of the show, but it's not likely fans will see more until 2022 at the earliest. Animated series notoriously require extended lead times because of production matters, especially ones which are traditionally animated, so it's likely fans will see the second season by mid-to-later 2022. Early 2023 might also be a viable date, but it's highly unlikely fans will have to wait that long for more of the show.

For those impatient for more of Tatus and Miku's adventures, you can pick up the English translation of the 6th volume of the manga the show is based on, "Gokushufudō: The Way of the Househusband," on September 21st.

Who will star in the second season of Way of the Househusband?

While the first season's cast hasn't yet signed an extension to continue on with the second series of episodes, it's likely that the English dub cast will return for the next season of the show. 

That includes Jonah Scott as Tatsu; Laura Post as Miku; Andres Paul Ramacho as Masa, Tatu's former underling in his yakuza organization, now his hapless assistant; Ben Pronsky as Torajirō, a rival yakuza boss whose gang was dismantled by Tatsu and who now runs a crepe truck after being released from prison; Laura Stahl as Gin, Miku and Tatu's cat, who comments on the lives of her owners when they're not home to hear about it; and Melissa Greenspan, who plays Hibari Torii. Keith Silverstein, Barbara Goodson, Billy Kametz and Jason Marnocha all provided additional voices for the show, and it's likely that they will be brought back to provide additional voicework as well.

What will the second season of Way of the Househusband be about?

Because the series' episodes generally combine the mundane (Tatsu has a birthday, he goes grocery shopping, he becomes obsessed with killing a cockroach which has invaded his home) with the fantastical (Tatsu ends up in a cook-off with his now professional chef former yakuza rival, he finds himself being investigated by the police, who don't believe he's gone clean, he has to apply his skills as "the Immortal Tatsu" to play company party Santa Claus or get his wife's bento box to her intact) without an overarching plotline being involved, it's likely that the show won't change its formula between seasons.

Expect more adventures from Gin, whose intelligence remains concealed from her owners, more one-off adventures from Tatsu, who will cope with the world, and a little more about Miku's career in design, but a whole lot about her loving marriage with Tatsu. It's likely we'll have more visits from relatives of both Miku and Tatsu (we met Miku's father in the fourth episode of the show), and the couple will continue to move through the world while dealing with Tatsu's past. Whatever the show has in store for viewers, it will likely enchant them.