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Netflix's Shaman King Season 2 - What We Know So Far

Nowadays, if you asked someone what their favorite classic shonen anime was, you'd likely hear the names "Dragon Ball Z," "Naruto," or "One Piece." While those shows are amazing in their own right, they're only the tip of the iceberg, and they are far from the only options when it comes to influential shonen. Amidst those names stands another series that is, perhaps, somewhat overlooked. This may be due to the inaccuracies of its original anime adaptation, or the simple fact that the series itself ended before reaching the lengthy runs some shonen series enjoy. Whatever the cause, the classic 2001 anime "Shaman King" just isn't as well known as its contemporaries. 

However, that's beginning to change as Netflix subscribers are bingeing a new reboot that aims at a more faithful adaptation of the original manga. Netflix picked up the exclusive streaming rights for the series, introducing it to an entire new generation of anime fans. Netflix debuted the first season in its entirety on August 9. Now, fans are wondering when they'll get to see more of this ongoing series. There's much to talk about regarding the show's release date, cast, and plot, so here's what we know so far.

Shaman King Season 2 will debut after enough episodes air in Japan

To be completely accurate, Season 1 of "Shaman King" is technically still airing. That is, in the sense that Japan continued airing episodes past the initial 13 that Netflix labeled as "Season 1," according to the show's official website. It's uncertain if Japanese audiences will continue to receive new episodes until the series is finished, and it's possible that the network responsible for airing it on Japanese TV plans to broadcast the entire series without a seasonal pause.

Regardless of what Japan does with "Shaman King," however, Netflix has not revealed how they intend to distribute the show internationally. The streaming giant released the first season four months after its initial Japanese release in April (via Anime News Network) — likely in order to finish its translation and dub. Assuming Netflix sticks to this pattern, "Shaman King" fans will have to wait a similar amount of time following the Japanese release of episode 26 for Netflix to release Season 2. If all things go well, episode 26 of "Shaman King" will air in Japan in early October. Meanwhile, Netflix viewers should be able to watch Season 2 in February 2022, though nothing has been announced officially just yet.

Who is in the cast for Shaman King Season 2?

So far, "Shaman King" has introduced fans to a litany of new characters, and that cast will only grow as the series delves into its next arc. Its protagonist, Yoh Asakura (voiced by Yoko Hikasa) is a young Shaman aiming at becoming the next Shaman King by winning the upcoming "Shaman Fight" tournament (via Myanimelist). He is voiced by Abby Trott in the English dub (via IMDb). Joining him are his Shaman allies, Ryuosuke Umemiya (Masahiko Tanaka/D.C. Douglas), Ren (Romi Park/Laura Megan Stahl), and Horohoro (Yuuji Ueda/Michael Sinterniklaas). On top of that, Yoh has more allies in the form of his samurai spirit guardian, Amidamaru (Katsuyuki Konishi/Kaiji Tang); his best human friend, Manta (Inuko Inuyama/Oliver Wyman); and his bride to be, Anna (Megumi Hayashibara/Tara Sands).

More compelling than Yoh's allies, however, are his enemies. Viewers had just been introduced to the mysterious and threatening Hao (Minami Takayama) in the Season 1 finale. That being said, the Shaman Fight includes other shamans from across the globe, meaning Yoh is expected to encounter all manner of new friends and foes as time goes on. According to Anime News Network, the show's creators have already revealed the Japanese cast portraying the members of one Shaman team, the X-LAWS. They include John Denbat (played by Katsuyuki Konishi), Larch Dirac (Kousuke Takaguchi), Porf Griffith (Takumu Miyazono), Chris Venstar (Tsuguo, Mogami), Cebin Mendel (Wataru Takagi), and Meene Montgomery (Mariko Nagai).

What is the plot of Shaman King Season 2?

The first season of "Shaman King" ended with Yoh and company arriving in America for the Shaman Fight and researching the location of the Patch Tribe's village. They have three months to find it before the Shaman Fight officially begins. Unbeknownst to them, however, Hao is watching their every move. He and Yoh have some sort of connection, though Yoh does not know what it is. All he does know is that Hao is incredibly strong, probably stronger than he is, and was somehow a competitor in the last Shaman Fight 500 years prior. On top of that, Hao revealed that his ultimate goal as Shaman King is to eradicate humanity.

Season 2, then, will follow Yoh and his friends as they continue their search for the Patch Tribe and uncover Hao's mysterious past. Once the proper fight begins, they'll have a lot of trouble on their hands as every Shaman in the country sets their sights on either incapacitating or killing the other competitors. Whether Yoh has the strength to overcome these battles, especially when it's time for him to fight his friends, is something fans won't learn until "Shaman King" Season 2 releases on Netflix.