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Space Oddity - What We Know So Far

The outdoor equipment store REI is interested in joining the movie business and is gearing up to release its first feature film, "Space Oddity." The film, directed by Kyra Sedgwick from a script written by Rebecca Banner, has attracted some impressive Hollywood talent, including Kevin Bacon, and promotes a climate-conscious message, according to REI's content and media director Paulo Mottola, per Deadline.

The script for "Space Oddity" was a winner at the 2016 Black List, an industry contest where film executives vote on the year's best-unproduced screenplays. The film is the second directed by Sedgwick and is produced by her development company, Big Swing Studios, and REI Co-op Studios. Filming is set to take place in the historic Rhode Island town of Wickford, thanks in part to a tax-incentive deal reached with the Rhode Island Film and TV Office, per NBC 10 News.

There is tons of enthusiasm for the project at every level, from the cast to the crew down to the town the show is being filmed in. While there are plenty of details about the movie that will just have to wait until the movie makes it to theatres, the producers have given out clues for what viewers can expect already. Here is everything fans need to know about the release date, cast, and plot of "Space Oddity."

When is the release date of Space Oddity?

Unfortunately, the one detail not confirmed for "Space Oddity" is when the movie will premiere. However, there has been plenty going on behind the scenes, and fans can take some of that information to make an educated guess as to when they will have a chance to finally see the film.

"Space Oddity" started its journey to the big screen with a completed script from Rebecca Banner. By the time it was announced by Deadline, the production had already put together its principal cast, attached Kyra Sedgwick as a director, and chosen filming locations in Rhode Island. Less than a month after that announcement was made, on June 28, ABC6 reported that the film wrapped its production in Wickford and was headed to its final location.

All of that progress is certainly an excellent sign for the project's forward momentum, but there is still plenty to be done after filming is completed. Editing and other post-production processes take time, and the film also hasn't announced any specifics for how it intends to reach an audience. Without the backing of a streaming service like Netflix or Amazon, the project will need to advertise before a theatrical premiere. With that in mind, the absolute earliest viewers might be able to see "Space Oddity" is Spring 2022, with a Summer or Fall 2022 being more likely.

Who is in the cast of Space Oddity?

"Space Oddity" features a talented and diverse pool of cast members, many of whom have been attached to the project since it was first revealed to the public.

When Deadline exclusively announced the project, the first name attached to the project was Kyra Sedgwick. However, the acclaimed actress will not be seen in the film, as she will be behind the camera as the director instead. That report listed some of the film's stars, including Kyle Allen, who plays Alex, a young man preparing for a mission to Mars, and Alexandra Shipp, who plays Daisy, the young woman Alex meets who makes him question his resolve to leave Earth. Also included in that reveal was Madeline Brewer, who will play Daisy's sister, Liz.

A later report, also by Deadline, announced that Sedgwick's significant other, Kevin Bacon, would also be added to the cast list as Alex's father, while Carrie Preston would appear as Alex's mother. Finally, Simon Helberg, best known for playing Howard on the Big Bang Theory, would appear as a potential romantic interest for Liz.

What is the plot of Space Oddity?

Considering that the script for "Space Oddity" has been floating around even before it appeared on the 2016 Black List, the internet knows some information about its basic plot, although there are plenty of details that will have to wait for the premiere.

A press release sent out by the Rhode Island Film & TV Office, which has been heavily involved in the production, lays out the premise for the film. "Space Oddity" tells the story of Alex, a young man disenchanted by life on Earth. When he is presented with the chance to leave the planet behind and start a new life on Mars, he takes it. However, after he has made his decision, a meeting with a new arrival to his small town, Daisy, makes him reconsider his plan to head to the stars.

Production for the film took place in Rhode Island, although it is unclear whether the story is set in the state. However, director Kyra Sedgwick called the location "magical," so viewers can expect the New England region to have a noticeable representation in visual elements of the film.