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Kantai Collection Season 2 - What We Know So Far

Before all else, "Kantai Collection was a browser-based video game that might earn judgement from some onlookers. In it, players collect virtual trading cards depicting girls that represent historical battleships from World War 2. The game, which often goes by the portmanteau of "KanColle," was a huge hit upon its release, and enjoyed large sales at the doujinshi comic market Comiket in 2014 (via Otaquest). Doujinshi, or fan-created comics, take admiration to a new level and show a community's interest in particular works (via Tofugu). "Kantai Collection" emerged as the most popular series at Comiket 87, beating out series like "Haikyuu!!" and "Attack on Titan," indicating that it had a large and thriving fan community.

In 2015, an anime adaptation of "KanColle" debuted in Japan, which was followed by a film the following year (via Anime News Network). Since then, "KanColle" has yet to return in animated form, though a second season is on its way. Here's what we know so far about "Kantai Collection" Season 2.

When will Kantai Collection Season 2 be released?

A second season of "Kantai Collection" was announced in 2015, upon the conclusion of the first season of its anime adaptation. The final episode included an announcement that "KanColle" would return at an unspecified date. Soon after that, the Twitter account for the franchise announced that the movie adaptation and a second season were both forthcoming (via Anime News Network).

Most recently, news of the anime's second season surfaced in the form of a New Year's greeting posted to Twitter by C2 Kikan, a collective of doujinshi creators. They mentioned in their New Year's post that they're still working on "KanColle" Season 2, in collaboration with publishing company Kadokawa and anime studio ENGI (via Anime News Network).

While those companies have yet to announce an exact release date for Season 2, C2 Kikan did mention receiving word from Kadokawa of plans for a Season 2 release sometime during 2022, alongside a number of other hotly-anticipated anime.

Who will be the principal characters in Kantai Collection Season 2?

Season 1 of the "Kantai Collection" anime featured an extensive cast of girls representing a wide range of WW2-ere warships. Fubuki, who possesses the spirit of a destroyer, is the character at the heart of the story, joining a naval base as its newest member in the series' premiere. While the show features a variety of characters from that point on, reflecting the numerous collectible characters in its video game source material, the balance of the anime is told from the perspective of Fubuki.

Akagi is an aircraft carrier Fubuki meets during her first day at the naval base. Whereas Fubuki is timid and learning the ropes of naval warfare upon the series' outset, Akagi is a seasoned fighter, whose combat aptitude motivates Fubuki.

Yamato — who possesses the spirit of the legendary Japanese battleship of the same name (via Brittanica) — is one of Fubuki's many allies. Her firepower is considerable, but she's also inexperienced in war. Her high combat functionality ultimately comes in handy during the first season's climactic battle.

They're joined by characters like the destroyer Mutsuki, the battleship Nagato, the heavy cruiser Ashigara, and many others. Given the importance of its large cast, a holdover from the collectible nature of the "KanColle" video game, these characters and more should all return come Season 2.

What will be the plot of Kantai Collection Season 2?

While the plot of "Kantai Collection" Season 2 has yet to be officially confirmed, some sources online, like a forum post on MyAnimeList (which links to a leaked trailer that's no longer available) and the TV Tropes page for the anime, reference a teaser that once aired for the show's second season introducing the Nishimura Fleet as a key component of Season 2, with the destroyer Shigure at its core. Vice Admiral Shoji Nishimura was a real-life naval officer, so the Nishimura Fleet in "KanColle" is based on his armada of ships.

Furthermore, the real-life historical World War 2 battle at Surigao Strait is purportedly going to be reflected in the plot of Season 2 according to the since-deleted trailer shared to MyAnimeList.

Of course, "Kantai Collection" isn't known for its adherence to historical details. Vice author Jonathan Gad, for example, noted that the series' protagonists win the Battle of Midway, which marked a victory for the American army in the real-life second World War. The Nishimura fleet, then, is similarly likely to win Surigao Strait, unlike in real-world history.

More details about the plot of "Kantai Collection" Season 2 are likely to surface in advance of its 2022 premiere.