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Fans Are Losing Their Minds Over New Wheel Of Time Photos

Snippets of information about Amazon's upcoming "Wheel of Time" series have been arriving at a steady clip for months, including the revelation that filming on Season 2 had already started. Now fans finally have an idea of what the series will look like, thanks to a set of photos showing how some of the most notable scenes from the books will be depicted.

The photos, which were shared by Entertainment Weekly, gave fans their first look at how some of the book's most famous figures will be depicted in the long-awaited adaptation. These include a shot of one of the world's most powerful figures, Moiraine (Rosamund Pike), and her Warder, Lan (Daniel Henney), traveling with the Emond's Field Five. Also featured is a more intimate photo showing two of those five, Rand (Josha Stradowski) and Egwene (Madeleine Madden), sitting together peacefully. Book readers will know that Rand and Egwene are kinda-sorta betrothed to be married until ... things ensue.

The last two photos hint at some of the more fantastic elements that will play into "Wheel of Time." Powerful magic user Logain (Álvaro Morte) is seen as a prisoner of the Aes Sedai, an all-female order that "maintains peace" in the series. Finally, another shot shows Moiraine being carried to safety by Lan, possibly after having exhausted herself with a deployment of the One Power, a force that she can use to heal or protect others.

The chance to finally see these famous characters brought to life has ignited a new level of excitement across social media. Here is what the fans had to say after they saw the new "Wheel of Time" photos.

The new photos suggest memorable scenes from the books

When the new photos from "Wheel of Time" were shared, first by Entertainment Weekly and then on the official "Wheel of Time" Twitter account, fans immediately started to lose their minds. For the most part, reactions to the images were overwhelmingly positive. 

Twitter user @SumwaltLee wrote, "This is freaking amazing. Couldn't picture a better cast," a sentiment shared by @DaveGregoryCONY, who said, "Wow. This looks very promising, they all look excellent!"

While those sentiments conveyed a very legible sense of excitement, it was somewhere on the low end of the community's level of enthusiasm for the project. @LucasStringer8 kicked it up a notch, writing, "I've climbed on the hype train and REFUSE TO COME DOWN." 

Likewise, @cLever42492273 simply screamed, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Of course, it wouldn't be the internet if there weren't some dissenting opinions. 

One was offered by @Wilkie1976James, who wrote, "Moraine too tall and Lan too tall," while @1stevestephens said, "I have both read and listened to this tale since the '90s, this cast looks nothing like how I imagined them." If only your imagination were canon, bud.

While another fan, @alexioevans, responded by noting the differences between descriptions of "Game of Thrones" characters in the books and their depictions on the HBO adaptation, everyone is entitled to their opinion. 

Thankfully, it seems like the majority of "Wheel of Time" fans are looking forward to seeing the long-running fantasy adventure finally make it to the screen.