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Ousama Ranking - What We Know So Far

Being a king is not for the faint of heart. Commanding a kingdom the right way takes a special type of person — a strong person who can lead with both might and mercy. In other words, a good king looks almost nothing like the protagonist of Wit Studio's (of "Attack on Titan" fame) next upcoming anime, "Ousama Ranking" ("Ranking of Kings" in English). Why is this important? Because this protagonist also happens to be the heir to his father's throne. The only problem is that many people think he can't do it.

Based on the original 2017 web manga by author/illustrator Sōsuke Tōka, the "Ousama Ranking" anime aims at being a faithful adaptation of this heroic comedy tale. News on the "Ousama Ranking" anime has been circulating for several years now, and the show's initial release is just around the corner. With that in mind, it's a good idea to examine its upcoming release, as well as its characters and plot. Here is what we know so far about Wit Studio's "Ousama Ranking."

When will Ousama Ranking be released?

The official Twitter for the "Ousama Ranking" manga first announced the existence of the upcoming anime in 2019. Since then, however, the show's creators (Wit Studio and anime production company Aniplex) have released very little follow-up information on the project. News on the anime did not start breaking again until April 2021, when Aniplex uploaded the first teaser trailer for the series onto YouTube and the franchise's official site. Aside from giving anime fans their first looks at "Ousama Ranking" in action, it also provided an October 2021 release window.

While this month-long release window for anime is far from strange, it still isn't the most specific release date possible. Furthermore, the show's second trailer, posted on the manga's official Twitter in August, does nothing to specify when "Ousama Ranking" will appear. As a result, it seems as if fans will be waiting until the final hour before they learn exactly what day "Ousama Ranking" will debut.

Additionally, none of the promotional material for "Ousama Ranking" contains any information on a release outside of Japan. This isn't too out of the ordinary and certainly doesn't mean that "Ousama Ranking" will miss out on international distribution. However, it does indicate that people in other countries might have to wait a bit longer than Japanese viewers to see an official translation for this upcoming anime.

Who are the major characters in Ousama Ranking?

We've already briefly mentioned the protagonist of "Ousama Ranking," as well as his dilemma. However, that's far from all of the details regarding this prince and the allies he'll meet along his journey. First off, the protagonist's name is Bojji (voiced by Minami Hinata), and he's a little boy who is next in line to rule the Boss kingdom, which is led by his father, King Boss (Kenta Miyake).

Because he's deaf and lacks physical strength, many citizens see Bojji as an ineffective heir (via Anime News Network). Furthermore, his half-brother, Daida (Yuuki Kaji) does not make for a flattering comparison. However, the young prince manages to make his first friend when he meets Kage (Ayumu Murase), a mysterious talking shadow who seems to be the only person able to relate to Bojji. From there, the two embark on myriad adventures as Bojji grows to become the Boss Kingdom's next ruler.

What is the plot of Ousama Ranking?

While all details of the show haven't been released, viewers can look to the manga for an idea of how the show might adapt the plot of "Oussama Ranking." Despite the fact that everyone doubts him, Bojji is actually blissfully unaware of his countrymen's true feelings. Even as he seems tiny and weak in comparison to other children, and his deafness prevents him from doing many things, he still marches optimistically onward with the goal of becoming the world's greatest king. Meanwhile, Kage — an assassin-turned-thief and the last living member of his clan — serves as Bojji's first major ally in his endeavors. Though the pair might seem an unlikely match, they combine forces to make the most of their journey around the country (via My Anime List).

Together, the two tromp around the Boss Kingdom, meeting a wide cast of characters and learning what it means to grow up. More so than anything, "Ousama Ranking" is a coming-of-age story with an underdog protagonist. This makes it the perfect recipe, not just for comedy, but for the fantasy world it will portray when "Ousama Ranking" releases in October.