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The New Rick And Morty Season 5 Finale Promo Teases A Morty-Less Rick

The time is nearly here, "Rick and Morty" fans. After a fifth season that's produced some complicated emotions in its fanbase, the show is set to wrap up the current batch of episodes on September 5 at 11 PM, Eastern. That means there'll be a monthlong gap between the airing of the 8th episode of the season, "Rickternal Friendshine of the Spotless Mort" (which aired on August 8), and the season finale — an awful long time to wait when you're yearning for more of the sweet McDonalds Szechuan McNugget sauce for the soul that is "Rick and Morty." 

Adult Swim has released an extended preview of the season's final episode – and it seems to spell doom, at least temporarily, for the grandson/grandfather team we've come to love so well. What does the tease reveal, and what can we expect from the last episode of season 5? Here's what the teaser shows us.

Rick's going to go this one alone

In the "Rick and Morty" season 5 finale teaser, we see Morty alone in Rick's garage lab, emerging triumphantly from a green portal. Then he looks at Rick's portal gun and realizes it's low on portal fluid. He "tops it off" with some lemon-lime soda, which seems to work — after flashing a message reading "weird fluid detected" message, the portal gun's text-readout screen follows it up with, "...which is good," much to MOrty's relief. But his grandfather soon finds out that the stuff in his portal gun is not of his making and scolds Marty for putting "dangerously toxic" ingredients in the portal fluid. Marty accuses his grandfather of not trusting him, and when Rick mocks him, he tells his grandfather to replace him.

Rick welcomes this idea, and reveals a wheel offering "Better things than Morty." After spinning it, the wheel stops on "two crows, and he fires Morty right on the spot. We later see Rick with a couple of caged crows being put through some kind of science experiment — making it clear that Rick really did make good on his word.

Will Morty and Rick be estranged forever? Or will they manage to reconcile? Fans will have to wait for September 5 to find out.