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What Rick And Morty Fans Really Thought Of The Twist In Season 5, Episode 5

Season 5 of "Rick and Morty" has reached its halfway point, and while some fans are not particularly excited about the storyline an accidentally leaked episode seems to confirm, the reception to the season has been largely positive.

The most recent episode, "Amortycan Grickfitti," was seen by many as a return to form after Episode 4 diverged into an exploration of cannibalistic horse people the show called CHUDs, among other distasteful topics. Episode 5 featured some inventive new demons for Rick (Justin Roiland) to thwart, a couple of solid jabs at Jerry's (Chris Parnell) expense, and a separate coming-of-age-style side adventure for Morty (Roiland again) and Summer (Spencer Grammer) to focus on.

However, it wouldn't be a "Rick and Morty" premiere if the show's actions didn't meet with spirited debate amongst fans to some key plot points. Of particular interest for viewers was the twist in which Jerry realized that his Smash Mouth-centric "Jerry-oke" sessions were not boosting his popularity but that he was once again the butt of the joke. Here is what "Rick and Morty" fans really thought about the Season 5, Episode 5 twist.

Many fans loved the Jerry twist in Episode 5, but some questioned if it was really a surprise

"Amortycan Grickfitti" hinged on the premise that Rick owed a group of "Hellraiser"-inspired demonic figures a debt. As a way of paying that debt, Rick has been bringing Jerry to hang out at a bar with the cenobites, who are delighted by Jerry's sad existence. As one demon states, "His lameness is like our candy."

Despite his obliviousness, Jerry eventually figures out what Rick, Beth (Sarah Chalke), and the audience already know, that he is only the center of attention because of his cringey behavior. Many fans found that revelation to be a highlight of the episode. On a post-episode discussion thread hosted on Reddit, user u/Bjkman wrote, "I teared up from laughing at the twist that the only reason the 'Hellraiser' demons are hanging out with Jerry is because they love suffering."

Others felt the same way, such as u/Candycoatedmuffin2, who noted, "And the added twist that they really love watching Rick suffer by having to spend time with Jerry." However, some questioned if that could be considered a twist, considering that viewers were in on the joke the entire time. u/WayneBetzky stated, "That... wasn't a twist, it was completely explained at the very beginning."

Whatever side of the fence fans landed on regarding the twist, the episode was largely seen as a satisfying outing for "Rick and Morty." The top-voted comment on the post-episode discussion forum, added by Reddit user u/BeginningFlaky9567, simply read, "I think we can all agree that this episode was a major step up from last week's."