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The One Snakes On A Plane Scene That Went Way Too Far

"Snakes on a Plane" is a cult-classic film led by the great Samuel L. Jackson, which you have probably heard of even if you've never seen it. The 2006 flick is rather self-explanatory — it follows the story of snakes that are let loose on a plane. Who would have thought? The passengers, crew members, and Jackson's FBI agent Neville Flynn must do whatever it takes to survive the wrath of the venomous and murderous snakes, and it's no easy task.

Many of the attack scenes in the movie are over-the-top, with a handful of them being rather cringeworthy. In one very grotesque moment, a couple meets their demise in the plane bathroom while joining the mile-high club, thanks to a few slithering serpents that fall from the ceiling. A snake also kills a cat held with the plane's cargo, but luckily it happens in the shadows, so we don't have to see it. While we were spared from witnessing the death of the cat, we were not spared from seeing a python strangle a man and devour his head in one of the film's worst death scenes. As insane as all of these are, there is one moment that reigns supreme as the one "Snakes on a Plane" scene that went too far.

A Snakes on a Plane bathroom scene went too far

The young couple's death isn't the only one that happens in one of the plane's bathrooms. A more absurd death occurs when a man enters the restroom to urinate. As he stands by the toilet and does what he needs to, a snake slowly emerges from the bowl and stares directly at the clueless man. After getting peed on, the snake launches itself out of the toilet and latches onto the man's, well, you know. He starts screaming and throws his body all over the tiny bathroom, banging into the door and shattering the mirror. He cuts his head open and splatters blood on the walls as he continues to wrangle the snake that hasn't let go of him.

The snake's venom works quickly, and the man slides down the wall to the floor, eventually succumbing to the attack. The scene is as funny as disturbing, but it's definitely one we could have done without. "Snakes on a Plane" already had plenty of gruesome deaths and ridiculous moments, and there really wasn't the need for a passenger to die that way. In all fairness, the guy was a full-of-himself loser, so we'll let it slide.