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The Walking Dead Season 11 Premiere Moment That Made No Sense To Negan Fans

Contains spoilers for "The Walking Dead" Season 11, Episode 1

"The Walking Dead" is back, and it's the beginning of the end for the zombie series. 

Season 11 marks the final chapter of the series that's been going strong since 2010. It's practically an entirely different cast of characters from when the drama first began, and fans will remain glued to their television sets to see how all of this ends. But don't feel too forlorn. There's still "Fear the Walking Dead" going strong and a trilogy of films picking up where Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) left off. 

For the time being, we have "The Walking Dead" Season 11 to hold us over, and the first episode properly raised the stakes. Danger arises in every corner. On top of the undead still shuffling around, A-town is quickly running out of food with Reapers and other psychos lurking about, ready to cause harm when the opportune time strikes. It laid the groundwork for a thrilling conclusion to the legendary series, but there's one aspect of it that doesn't quite sit well with fans.

Fans hate how Negan brought up Glenn to Maggie

The first episode of Season 11, "Acheron: Part 1," spends a good amount of time on the complex dynamic between Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). The fact that the two can be around each other in the first place is a miracle itself, but Negan keeps finding ways to push Maggie's buttons. It came down to arguably the most offensive thing Negan has said to Maggie so far, which is when he says that he didn't come all this way to die like a dog like Glenn. He naturally receives a bit of retribution for the hurtful words, but for some fans, the fact he would say that in the first place doesn't quite add up.

People weren't shy voicing their opinions on Reddit, where u/LiteralTP mentions, "I was so shocked when Negan mentioned Glenn dying like a dog, it's the first time he's said his name." The fact Negan has gone so long without talking about Glenn indeed shows how limitless his cruelty is. He's killed so many people that Glenn barely registered for him. It's not something for him to contemplate on or seek forgiveness about. He pulls it out as another weapon when it best suits him. 

The line didn't sit well with other fans, who wrote, "And just like that, I hate him again." u/NoBrilliant1805 felt the same way as Maggie, writing, "That really triggered me when he mentioned Glenn." Others try to rationalize the line by claiming it was meant to test the waters with Maggie, even though everyone hated him for saying it. Given a chance, all of them would probably try to kill Negan even on the best of days, so it's not just Maggie that has it out for him. At least if he gets taken out later in the season, viewers won't feel so bad.