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Will There Be A Brand New Cherry Flavor Season 2?

If, like many, you fell head-over-neo-noir-heels for Netflix's recently released limited horror series, "Brand New Cherry Flavor," you may already be wondering when and if you'll be treated to more of what CNN writer Lisa Respers France calls "one long fever dream." Of course, the problem with yearning for a Season 2 of a limited series is that, unfortunately, words have meaning, and "limited" often means just that. 

According to Refinery29, the term "limited series" is just "peak TV's answer to the tired-sounding 'miniseries' label of yore." Nevertheless, that doesn't mean certain rules don't still apply. "A limited series has to actually be limited," the article states: "Its story must end when its final episode ends. If the program returns for a second season, it must explore completely new territory, complete with a new cast of characters." 

These same rules would apply in the case of "Brand New Cherry Flavor," so it appears that, even if it did return for another installment, so much of what viewers loved about the original would be missing. (Including Rosa Salazar's riveting portrayal of the revenge-thirsty Lisa Nova.) 

Will there be a second installment at all?

While other writer-directors have managed to bring the same actors back as new characters in order to keep subsequent seasons planted firmly in the "limited series" category (see: Ryan Murphy), "Brand New Cherry Flavor" creator Nick Antosca has, at present, no such intentions. In an interview with Screen Rant, Antosca said "We planned it as a contained story ... we felt we wanted to take this journey with this character. So, we took elements of what Todd created to tell a contained story." 

By Todd he means Todd Grimson, author of the 1996 novel from which the series takes its name and inspiration. The creators' desire to honor Grimson's original work is one of the reasons it's unlikely we'll see a Season 2. As iHorror reports, Antosca revealed, "They wanted to remain spiritually faithful to the original, honoring what Grimson wrote in 'Brand New Cherry Flavor,' while paring the story down so that it could be told in one season, rather than five." 

Sigh. Fair enough.