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The South Park Character That Deserves Their Own Movie

The small town in Colorado sure is worth a lot of money.

"South Park" began over two decades ago as a raunchy little show on Comedy Central. All those parents who were upset at its bawdy humor back in the day were likely taken by surprise when it was announced that creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone had signed a huge deal worth $900 million to keep the show going for years to come. It's a lot of money and with it comes more politically incorrect humor that only Parker and Stone know how to give the world.

In addition to taking the animated sitcom to its 30th season, the deal reportedly requires the duo to create 14 made-for-streaming movies. There's no word yet on what precisely these movies will entail, but the original report from Bloomberg does refer to them as "spinoffs." That seems to suggest the films will follow secondary characters initially introduced in "South Park" or at least center on characters set within the same universe where a Mecha-Streisand could pop up at any second.

Many characters could hold down their own feature-length stories, but there's one, in particular, we think really needs a shot in the limelight.

Sheila Broflovski deserves a redemption from the first South Park movie

Plenty of "South Park" side characters could carry their own films. A "Mr. Magoo"-type film following the misadventures of Towelie sounds like it has the potential to be the next "Citizen Kane." However, there are more sentimental reasons for giving Kyle's mother, Sheila, a chance to shine.

Since the beginning, Sheila has been a supporting player on the animated sitcom, but her most notable appearance came during "South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut." She leads a crusade of mothers against the fart-filled antics of Terrance and Phillip, ultimately calling for their execution. Of course, unbeknownst to her, their deaths will result in the literal apocalypse headed by Satan, but in this world, you really have to expect that kind of thing to happen. 

Sheila's the antagonist of the film, and while she's misguided in the feature-length movie, we've seen her be kind and motherly over the years. A spinoff story centered on her could act as a form of redemption, and it could even tie into the first movie. Perhaps Sheila finds herself on the other end of the censorship battle, and she fights to preserve people's abilities to make whatever art they wish.

Sheila has held her own leading episodes over the years, with some of the best being "It's a Jersey Thing" and "One for the Ladies." It's high time the character gets the respect she deserves, and her own movie would be the perfect way to celebrate someone who hasn't always gotten a fair shake.