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Check Out The First Clip From The Season Premiere Of The Walking Dead

We're just days away from the 11th and final season of "The Walking Dead," and fans of the franchise are dying to see what sort of kills and chills are awaiting them as the show's last days dawn. 

While diehards can already watch "Acheron: Part I" on AMC's new streaming service AMC+, those who don't have that app have been treated to a clip of the season's debut via the network's official YouTube channel. The scene is terrifying and tense, and will have fans salivating to see how Daryl (Norman Reedus) and the gang make it out of this one alive — or if they do so at all. Thanks to this inventive tease, fans will already be dying to know how the first episode (which is a two-parter that will conclude on August 29) resolves.

Here's what's in the sneak peak, and what we can tell you about it.

Sleeping walkers and a single drop of blood make for a terrifying welcome back

In the brief clip, Daryl and the gang can be seen preparing to lift a heavy burlap sack filled with an unknown material up through a skylight via a system of jury-rigged pulleys. Some of the team — including Carol (Melissa McBride) — are on the ground inside of a building, fully armed, helping them load what they're trying to retrieve onto the guide-wire system they've created, the others are on the roof pulling it up. 

In silence, with only frantic looks passing between them and the sound of a beating heart on the soundtrack, other members of the group patrol the perimeter of the body-filled room with guns. We soon realize why: One of the ropes snaps, lashing Daryl's arm as he reaches out to salvage the bag before it falls. The guide wire has cut his arm, and we follow a single drop of blood from his flesh all the way down to ground level. It hits the cheek of a walker, who grumbles and begins to stir — as does its many other compatriots. It seems these walkers aren't dead at all — just resting. 

Find out how it all turns out when Season 11 of "The Walking Dead" premieres on August 22.