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The Biggest Unanswered Questions From The Hills: New Beginnings Season 2

While the Season 2 finale of "The Hills: New Beginnings" showed the group of tumultuous friends making up, reality shows are never that cut-and-dried. The cast's wellness retreat was all about reflecting, meditating, and expelling negative energy with New Age practices and a whole lot of Pratt Daddy Crystals. Not even a guided plate-smashing session was enough to heal old wounds, though.

The series follows a group of friends living in Los Angeles as they reconnect and navigate adulthood from divorce to unexpected pregnancy. The show is a revival of "The Hills," which was a spin-off of "Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County," itself a response to "The O.C." Many of the original cast members of "The Hills" returned, like Heidi and Spencer Pratt, Audrina Patridge, and Brody Jenner.

With higher stakes and new relationships, a lot has changed for the group, but they're still followed by the same old drama. The season concludes with the cast members sharing what they learned in the last year as well as their hopes for the future. Not every storyline was wrapped up, though.

So, what questions were left unanswered in Season 2 of "The Hills: New Beginnings"?

What's going on with Brody and Audrina?

Ever since Season 5 of the original series, Brody Jenner and Audrina Patridge have been open about their crushes on one another. This is a major plot point in both Season 1 and Season 2 of "The Hills: New Beginnings," with the pair rekindling their old spark.

By the end of Season 2, they are both single and open to finding love. Stepping away from the all-white party (white sequins do count, by the way), the two cozy up and discuss their feelings. Brody admits that he's always been drawn to her and showers her with compliments. Audrina admits that she's afraid to let anyone in and needs to prioritize her daughter. "It's all about timing, Brody," she tells him. "We'll see."

The scene ends with them hugging it out and saying "I love you." The chemistry has always been there, but what's going to happen with their relationship? Is the recently-divorced Audrina ready to be vulnerable? Will Brody get over his ex, Kaitlynn Carter, and the shocking news of her pregnancy with her new boyfriend Kristopher Brock? Are they willing to risk their friendship for a shot at love?

Did Speidi and the Wahlers actually make up?

The biggest drama of Season 2 came from the explosive fight between Speidi and Ashley and Jason Wahler during the group's winter retreat to Lake Tahoe. Tensions bubbled over during a murder-mystery dinner party when Heidi and Ashley began making passive-aggressive comments while in character.

Their husbands jumped in, and the two couples aired their problems in front of the group. Speidi felt like they were being attacked for wanting to party and have fun, while the Wahlers had heard what the Pratts were saying behind their backs. Spencer made offensive comments about Jason's sobriety, which effectively split the group.

However, on the meditation retreat hosted by Speidi, the couples make up during their final dinner party. Clad all in white to "drive positive healing energy to the group," they talk it out and agree to stop harboring resentment over past feuds. Heidi admits that she's sensitive to Ashley's pregnancy because she is desperate for another baby, and Spencer apologizes to Jason for the sobriety comments.

Apologies are everywhere in Season 2, but as the show's original it-girl, Lauren Conrad, iconically said, "I want to forgive you, and I want to forget you." This sentiment still appears to ring true. The apology was likely scripted for the season finale to fit the glamorous poolside farewell party's positive energy, especially considering how vocal Speidi has been about disliking this cast (via ET).

What's real and what's fake?

"The Hills" blurred the lines between real life and reality television, with cast members confirming that "Hills" storylines were faked. Heidi has said this on TikTok, alleging that "90%" of the show was fake — including all of her fights with Spencer. Additionally, Whitney Port films reaction videos to the series with her husband, where they laugh at the pretend drama.

The soap opera tendencies of the original series are obvious on rewatches, where you can see the girls hiding smiles and exchanging knowing glances. In "The Hills: New Beginnings," though, this tongue-in-cheek energy isn't quite there. This aspect of the show goes unaddressed, as though the original series wasn't intentionally pulling back the curtain.

With this in mind, it's hard to not question everything that happens. Do Audrina and Brody actually like each other, or is that just a nostalgic coupling for the cameras? After all, both have convincingly played that role before in his relationship with LC and hers with Justin (Bobby) Brescia.

Did Kaitlynn actually have a fling with pop star Miley Cyrus? Was Brandon Thomas Lee's breakup with Dani Beckerman just for show? What about Justin and Kaitlynn's pre-Kris, will-they-won't-they moments? The Speidi vs. the Wahlers feud? Is anything real?

Will The Hills: New Beginnings return for Season 3?

Perhaps the biggest unanswered question is whether or not "The Hills: New Beginnings" will be returning for Season 3. MTV has yet to renew the series, but with two clever series finales of "The Hills" in mind, it's hard to imagine that this show would end without so much as a wink at the audience who wondered how much of the show was real. Maybe LC will return to declare that it's hard to say goodbye again.

While the cast members jumping into the pool and playfully splashing one another would be a sweet note to end on, it doesn't quite fit the show's M.O. Plus, cast members have given interviews speculating about what another season would look like, so it's likely a matter of time before the renewal is announced.

Heidi did tweet, "Tune in tonight, might be the last episode ever" just before the finale aired, though. But, if it's true that "before another chapter closes, there are still some pages left unwritten," another season might still be in the cards.