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The Hills: New Beginnings Season 3 - What We Know So Far

The original run of MTV's "The Hills" changed the face of reality TV forever by pulling back the curtain and making fans question what's real and what's fake. The spin-off of "Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County" followed Lauren Conrad and her group of friends as they navigated their professional and personal lives in Los Angeles from 2006 to 2010. While LC left the show in the middle of its fifth season, the show continued to pull in viewers and introduce new stars to the franchise.

Amidst the wave of rebooted noughties shows like "Jersey Shore," "Gossip Girl," and "Surreal Life" is "The Hills: New Beginnings." With two seasons under its proverbial low-slung chunky belt, the nostalgic revival catches up with stars like Heidi and Spencer Pratt, Brody Jenner, and Audrina Patridge in addition to other familiar faces. While their biggest concerns are no longer which internships to apply for or why homeboy wore combat boots to the beach, the show is still all about the drama.

So, what do we know so far about Season 3 of "The Hills: New Beginnings?"

When will it be released?

Season 1 of "The Hills: New Beginnings" premiered in June 2019, followed by a second season in May 2021. While MTV has not yet renewed the series for a third season, it's expected to continue so fans can follow the ongoing feuds and find out what's next in the way of pregnancies, relationships, and the usual interpersonal drama.

Cast members have given interviews speculating about what a third season might look like, so it's fair to assume that it's only a matter of time before the renewal announcement. While some fans believe the revival was "doomed from the start," many who tuned into the original series areĀ eager to check in on their favorite reality stars as they started families and businesses and broke from old habits.

Additionally, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic may be affecting the shooting schedule. Season 2 was filmed in two parts, with one half being shot before the pandemic and the other after lockdown. They may be taking it slow to ensure a stable timeline.

Who will be returning to The Hills: New Beginnings?

While "The Hills" franchise has always been about messy feuds within the friend group, Season 2 of the reboot upped the stakes. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Spencer Pratt said, "I would imagine if there was a season 3, it would be with an all-new cast because after this season, I don't see how everyone would be able to be in the same room once this airs."

"This group, I feel like, holds grudges to the end," added Heidi Pratt. However, grudges and drama are the name of the game when it comes to reality shows. No matter how explosive the show's drama gets, the only main cast member to step away was LC, and even her departure came long after her falling out with Heidi.

With this in mind, and with nothing confirmed yet, it's fair to assume that mainstays like Speidi, Jenner, Patridge, Justin Brescia, and Frankie Delgado will return. Additionally, new faces like Brandon Thomas Lee and Caroline D'Amore will likely return. It's also possible that Whitney Port and Kristin Cavallari will make appearances.

Imagine a world where LC and Lo Bosworth return, though.

What drama will be covered in Season 3?

At this point, it would be easier to ask what drama won't be covered in a potential upcoming season of "The Hills: New Beginnings." With everything that went down in Season 2, there's a lot to catch up on.

Spencer and Heidi dished on the fallout from their drama with Stephanie Pratt, who has sounded off on social media and has an Instagram highlight titled "Speidi BS" where she tearfully rants about their family feud over the infamous magazine cover that revealed the couple was pregnant.

"I feel like Speidi's on the chopping block a lot," said Heidi, referring to the backlash she received for partying post-pandemic. "I think there were a lot of high emotions and a lot of heightened things going on for everybody, so I think we were an easy target for a lot of people."

The couple has been a source of drama on "The Hills" since 2006, so it's not all that surprising that they are still pushing everyone's buttons. However, it's not the only drama that will likely carry over to Season 3. The other cast members are navigating sobriety, single parenthood, dating, divorce, pregnancy, and financial struggles. Who knows what Season 3 will hold? After all, the rest is still unwritten.