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Doctor Who Season 10 Trailer Revealed

The long-running and well-loved sci-fi series Doctor Who released the full trailer for its tenth season, one that promises to be "the gateway to everything that ever was or ever can be."

Season 10 of Doctor Who marks the final show installment for actor Peter Capaldi, who stepped into the role as the titular Time Lord in 2013. Additionally, stacking on top of Capaldi's exit is showrunner Steve Moffat's departure from the show as well. By the looks of this latest season sneak peek, it appears the last chapter for the Doctor Who dudes will be one to remember.

The official full-length trailer features explodes with action and zeroes in on the newest companion, Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie), as she and the time-bending crew fight off daleks and emoji-inspired robots. Also shown are the alien companion Nardole (Matt Lucas) and the menacing evil nemesis of the Doctor, Missy (Michelle Gomez).

True to the Tardis head honcho's words, something big is coming in Doctor Who Season 10, and we've got a feeling the Doctor and his companions are going to be quite busy.

Take a look at the full trailer above.

Doctor Who is set to return to the small screen on April 15. Following the newest season is the spinoff series Class, created by Patrick Ness.

While Season 10 is Capaldi's last, there's still a ton of Doctor Who goodness to dive into. Try starting with the untold truth of the series.