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Tensions Are Running High In This Brand New Titans Season 3 Clip

Batman is one of the most beloved superheroes of all time, but his relationship to the characters on "Titans" is a bit more complicated. 

The former DC Universe and current HBO Max series takes a critical look at the Caped Crusader by focusing on the next generation of crimefighters, who are all realizing that Batman's vigilantism is more problematic than it used to seem. For the show's main character, Dick Grayson aka Robin (Brendon Thwaites), the big challenge is how to continue fighting evil without losing himself in the process.

The first two seasons of "Titans" dealt with Dick Grayson reforming the old Teen Titans squad to take on a new generation of evildoers, and it was mostly based in San Francisco. The upcoming third season shifts to Gotham City, where Dick reconnects with Barbara Gordon (Savannah Welch), daughter of Batman's former colleague Jim Gordon and the current Gotham City police commissioner.

Based on this teaser clip from "Titans" season 3, it looks like Barbara's opinion of Batman is very much in line with Dick's.

In Titans Season 3, a new threat emerges: inter-generational conflict

In the clip, newcomer Barbara Gordon shares a drink with Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne (Iain Glen), but their reminiscence quickly turns contentious. When Bruce asks Barbara for an update on a murder case, Barbara bristles. This show has always been about younger heroes trying to move out of their predecessors' collective shadow, but for Barbara, her annoyance is more personal than that. She goes on to question Bruce's entire crime-fighting ethos in a way that also seems to cast aspersions in the direction of her late father.

Bruce sees himself and Jim as warriors in a battle over Gotham's soul. But in Barbara's eyes, Bruce is a self-righteous crusader who drags others into his obsessive quest for justice, regardless of the consequences. Barbara accuses Bruce of bringing down everyone from her father Jim, who recently died at the hands of Mr. Freeze, to Titans members Dick and Jason (Curran Walters). In Barbara's eyes, Bruce manipulated Dick and Jason's grief to convince them to become crimefighters, completely altering the course of their lives. Bruce doesn't really have an answer, and that's where the clip ends. 

"Titans" has built two seasons out of the conflict between Bruce's generation and the next generation. With the arrival of Barbara Gordon, it looks like things will be more strained than ever.