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Shin Ikki Tousen - What We Know So Far

The "Ikki Tousen" series is one of the most celebrated in manga culture. While the original got its start back at the turn of the century, various spinoffs have materialized over the years, including anime adaptations.  Now it appears as though the most recent iteration is about to become easier to access for many, with "Shin Ikki Tousen," which translates to "New Battle Vixens" in English, getting an anime order (via Anime News Network).

As a manga, "Shin Ikki Tousen" debuted in a November 2015 issue of the Shonengahosha's Young King magazine. It's a sequel to the classic Ikki Tousen series, which takes place in Japan, where seven high schools have established their turfs. Each school has a fighter that contains the essence of soldiers from Ancient China nearly 2,000 years ago, and their battles will determine the fates of every establishment. But this is more than just a school rivalry, as the conflicts have the potential to change the fabric of history. 

"Ikki Tousen" was only around for a single season back in 2008, so if you've been hoping for more of the Battle Vixens over a decade later, you're finally in luck. Here's everything we know about the "Shin Ikki Tousen" anime so far.

What's the release date for Shin Ikki Tousen?

The announcement of a new anime based on the "Ikki Tousen" franchise first appeared on the property's official website. Details are sparse at this point, with no indication on whether a team has even begun animating the show or if it's still in the preliminary stages. The one thing we do get from the announcement is that it has a projected release date of some time in 2022, making it one of the most hotly anticipated anime of next year.

2021 has been a time of change for anime fans. From "Attack on Titan" to "Fruits Basket," many beloved series have aired their final seasons. The latter is particularly frustrating given the cliffhanger ending of the first (and only) season that fans won't get a chance to see now. Many anime lovers need to fill a vacuum with something new to pass the time, and "Shin Ikki Tousen" could be precisely what numerous fans need right now. It will air on the AT-X channel in Japan upon initial release.

What characters can we expect to see in Shin Ikki Tousen?

Along with a vague release date, there's also no word of who will come aboard to voice the various characters. As is the case with every iteration of "Ikki Tousen," new warriors always want to enter the ring to defend their school from rivals. "Shin Ikki Tousen" is no different, and a Japanese Twitter account clarifies the series will follow a new protagonist. A rough English translation of the tweet goes as follows: "Airing on AT-X in 2022 New Heroine # Don't miss the success of Sun Quan Conflict."

With a new heroine comes new allies and enemies. If you want to get familiar with whoever will likely end up in the cast, you can always order the first four volumes of the manga series, all of which are written by Yuji Shiozaki. Now's also the perfect time to purchase some of the previous "Ikki Tousen" volumes so that you're up to speed before the newest anime releases.

What's the plot of Shin Ikki Tousen?

The entire "Ikki Tousen" franchise fits squarely within the ecchi genre of anime. This is a type of story that involves sexually charged and scandalous situations without ever veering into pornography. The "Shin Ikki Tousen" manga certainly has no shortage of such moments, and we'd anticipate the anime will follow in that same tradition. 

As far as the plot goes, it sounds as though the same general through-line will exist as in previous installments. There will be a turf war, and it's up to our primary heroine to keep the other factions at bay to maintain the peace. Fight scenes and shots of young women in skimpy outfits are expected going into the spinoff, so you probably don't want to watch this show with your significant other.

There's still a bit of a void when it comes to information on this anime, so keep checking back for more details as they become available.