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Adult Swim Just Dropped Great Season 5 Finale News For Rick And Morty Fans

Get ready for an extra helping of "Rick and Morty" — just maybe not all at once.

Adult Swim announced August 8 that the season finale of the fifth season of its surreal and cynical sci-fi series would be a special hour-long episode, set to air on Sunday, September 5. Given that the last episode to air was the eighth out of ten for the season, and the show isn't returning until then, it appears the finale will combine the final two episodes of the season into one super-sized capper. The two remaining episodes have been given the titles "Forgetting Sarick Mortshall" and "Rickmurai Jack," so read into that what you will.

The brief teaser released with the announcement promises a split between the show's titular duo after Morty seemingly uses the portal gun without permission. He tries to refill its fluid himself — apparently the secret ingredient is lime-flavored soda — but is found out by Rick. A frustrated Morty dares his mad scientist grandfather to replace him, and Rick responds by calling his bluff and dropping the "Wheel of Better Things Than Morty," which he spins to determine Morty's replacement.

Who is Rick threatening to replace Morty with in the Season 5 finale?

Once the wheel clicks to its stop, "Two Crows" wins out over options such as "Bag of Meat," "Garbage Goober," "Kyle 2.0" and "Half a Paul Giamatti" (It probably depends on which half, but that last one does seem better than Morty). Rick tells Morty he's fired with a characteristic lack of sentimentality. 

Given the show's historic M.O., the decision to replace Morty will probably have wide-ranging unintended consequences, potentially threatening the very fabric of reality. Fans of the show would expect no less from a season that has already seen its heroes face off with everything from man-eating underground horse creatures to the emotional mechanics behind being cringe and subject matters even more taboo. Morty's early-season romantic involvement with a Captain Planet-like superheroine turned ecoterrorist seems positively tame compared to some of the season's later adventures. 

"Who is Rick without Morty?" asks the promo's voiceover. What will two crows (Two Crows? You never know) look like as Morty's replacement? How will the decision to get rid of his not-so-trusted assistant rebound throughout the multiverse? Audiences will have to wait for the super-sized season finale on September 5 to find out.