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The First Trailer For Doom Patrol Season 3 Has Arrived

Hold onto your merciless ambulatory man-eating butts, because "Doom Patrol" is on its way back for a third season. Even better, fans finally got their first look at the HBO Max show's upcoming story, and it looks 100% prepared to live to the bonkers expectations that it's set up for itself since its 2019 debut.

Devotees of Niles Caulder and his menagerie of beloved human experiments will remember that "Doom Patrol" left off on a substantial cliffhanger last year. The real-world sucker punch that was 2020 knocked the wind out of the second season and turned its intended penultimate episode into an unintentional finale, leaving viewers with plenty of questions. What would happen when Dorothy Spinner finally confronted the Candlemaker? Could Jane retake her place as the primary personality in the Underground?

Put those queries out of your heads, friends, because something much more crucial has been confirmed: The butts are back.

Doom Patrol is coming back to tie up loose ends

The trailer for season three of "Doom Patrol" picks up where the last season left off. The team, shedding their waxy outer shells, look to the ominous goings-on of the circus where they'd just battled their imaginary friend. Dorothy Spinner (Abigail Monterey) confronts the Candlemaker. Niles Caulder (Timothy Dalton) reminds us that there's strangeness in the world that we really ought to be keeping tabs on.

After that, it's off to the weird, weird races. Larry Trainor (Matt Bomer) flies through the air, unscarred and minus his signature radiation-blocking bandages. Cliffe Steele (Brendan Fraser) stares adoringly at a baby in his fleshy not-yet-Robotman form. The whole team shambles like the living dead down the halls of Doom Manor. Clips of each member of the group warp into Lane Smith-style living multimedia animations, and the visuals don't get less bananas from there. Comic-accurate versions of niche Brotherhood of Evil characters Monsieur Mallah and Brain appear in all their brain-in-a-jar, gorilla-revolutionary glory.

All of this is burying the lede, as once again, the insatiable man-eating butts from season one appear to be making a comeback. Mark Sheppard's Willoughby Kipling seems to have it right when, in the trailer's final moments, he promises that "we're all the way through the looking glass now."

"Doom Patrol" returns to HBO Max on September 23, 2021.