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Director Nia DaCosta Reveals The Creepy Thing That Happened During The Filming Of Candyman

If there is one place where you'd expect strange and creepy events to occur, it would probably be on the set of a horror movie. Over the years, it's been revealed that many of our favorite horror movies have in fact been plagued by strange incidents which have, in turn, become just as memorable as the movies themselves. Whether it's the variety of bizarre events that plagued the cast of "Poltergeist" or "The Conjuring" star Vera Farmiga encountering an unseen presence during filming, the likelihood of a creepy occurrence visiting a horror movie set or the cast and crew involved are high.

While attending a press conference for the highly-anticipated "Candyman," Looper heard from director Nia DaCosta about her experiences making the spiritual sequel to the 1992 horror flick of the same name. As it turns out, DaCosta has joined this enduring collective of crew members who have experienced something creepy while making a horror movie.

Director Nia DaCosta's creepy Candyman event feels a little too obvious

Near the end of the DaCosta's portion of the "Candyman" press conference, she was asked about any creepy experiences that occurred while making the Universal Pictures horror movie. DaCosta was game to describe an incident that occurred while she was in the early stages of making the movie. She shared, "When I was in L.A. with my line producer in the pre-production house, we heard this sound and looked outside and all the windows were open and we saw this huge swarm of bees. It kind of felt like it appeared out of nowhere. Huge. I had never seen a swarm of bees that big before. And we're rushing around, closing all the windows, and freaking out."

DaCosta continued, detailing the unsettling aftermath of the event: "Then, we kind of just looked at each other and we were like, 'That was f—ing creepy.' And then after that, we just kept finding dead bees all around the house. It was very strange."

On its own, being plagued by a mysterious swarm of bees is definitely creepy. But, in DaCosta's case, it also sounds like it was an unsettling omen considering bees were an integral element of the first "Candyman" movie. In the 1992 feature, bees are shown flying out of the mouth of the titular Candyman (played by Tony Todd) to attack another character. Sounds like we'll have to file this particular event under "Creepy, But Also Very On Point."

"Candyman" arrives in theaters August 27, 2021.