James Gunn Teases Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Character Arcs

While Guardians of the Galaxy was pretty much entirely Peter Quill's story, director James Gunn says that the upcoming second installment will focus more on the rest of the team. In an interview with CinemaBlend, Gunn said that each of the characters will get "a complete arc, a complete story" in the upcoming film.

According to Gunn, while the movie does center around Star-Lord's reunion with his dad, played by Kurt Russell, it will also focus on his relationship with the man who raised him, Michael Rooker's "abusive step-father" Yondu. Peter's family drama won't be the only thing highlighted– Gunn teases that the film will also delve further into the relationship between Gamora and Nebula, noting that it's "a lot deeper and more complicated" than what we saw in the first movie. "We thought in the first movie that Gamora was the good guy, and Nebula's the bad guy, but that really isn't the whole story," he said.

Rocket, meanwhile, is "in search of a father and in search of somebody to give a s—," which Gunn says may lead him to Yondu. For Dave Bautista's Drax, the movie will show him finding a surrogate daughter for his murdered child in Pom Klementieff's Mantis, with Gunn saying the two will become close friends.

The final piece in the story is Baby Groot, who has been struggling since sacrificing himself to save the team at the end of the first film. Gunn says that the team will be forced to spend a lot of time taking care of the now small and immature Groot, something which they aren't particularly good at. "They are the worst parents in the entire world," Gunn said. "Who else brings a two-year-old son into a giant battle with a giant monster? Terrible parents! And maybe Gamora and Rocket are better than the other two. The other two are terrible. All of those things come together in a way that seems pretty magical."

Gunn's reveal about a more evenly distributed film is pretty fitting with the trailer, released last week, which highlighted the characters individually, including Yondu, Mantis, and Nebula, with each of their names flashing across the screen. To see the character's full arcs, we'll have to wait until the movie hits theaters on May 5, but, in the meantime, see what you may have missed in the trailer.