Everything You Missed In The New Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Trailer

The full trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 has finally arrived, and it's loaded with new footage. So we combed through it with a fine-tooth comb to find all the little details you might have missed. And after watching the trailer a million or so times, we've gleaned some hints about how these new characters connect, the 1980s-inspired tech, and how the old gang is getting along after spending the off-season zipping around and righting wrongs.

Star-Lord is making gadgets from 1980s toys

We've gotten some glimpses of the team's big fight against a space monster in the early trailers, and we see a bit more of that battle here. But there's one new touch the folks at Marvel worked in this time. Star-Lord has a tracking device to see when the monster will arrive. Look closely, and it's a repurposed Mattel Electronics toy. Star-Lord's technical aesthetics have always been closely tied to the era when he left Earth, and this is a hilarious little nod to his obsessions with the '80s.

Star-Lord also made a stereo

We also get a peek at what appears to be a homemade stereo designed to rock the latest Awesome Mix, as Baby Groot is seen plugging in Quill's battered Walkman. They appear to be getting ready for the battle with the giant space squid, so did Quill rig up a system so they can have some background music for the fight? Or perhaps the creature is sensitive to sound, and they're using it as a weapon? Or maybe Baby Groot was bored and just wanted some tunes.

Everybody is using space guns

Quill makes a joke about Gamora using a rifle, and honestly, he seems a bit jealous that she's sliding in on his weapon of choice. But Gamora's space rifle is only the first glimpse we get at the Guardians' upgraded arsenal. Later on, we see Gamora blasting away with a shoulder machine gun as big as a mid-size SUV, and everyone from Groot to Rocket is seen blasting away at baddies. In other words, this movie is going to be amazing.

Ayesha is a fairly big bad

We also get our first good look at the golden villain Ayesha as she sits on a throne surrounded by her acolytes. She provides a decent bit of the voice-over, making a pledge to cleanse the universe. We don't know exactly how she fits into the plot, but there definitely seems to be a few changes to the comic canon. In the comics, Ayesha is the twin of cosmic Marvel power Adam Warlock, a guy who's been a universe-saving hero and villain depending on the arc. Fingers crossed we'll see him sometime in the MCU's future.

The Guardians are basically heroes for hire

With everything falling apart around them, Rocket and Star-Lord joke about saving the universe once again. The smart-aleck raccoon even notes they should definitely up their rates after their second go at defending the galaxy. In the comics, the Guardians are typically just roving heroes, but are they taking a page or two from the Heroes for Hire playbook? Hey, the Guardians have bills to pay, too.

Nebula's role is even more ambiguous

We know Nebula plays a big part in the film, and she shows up quite a lot in the new trailer. But we still don't exactly know her role in the upcoming blockbuster. In the first film, Nebula was a villain working for her father, Thanos. Here, she seems to be an uneasy ally, but one who might start stabbing backs at any moment. It could just be a trick of editing, but it seems she's piloting a ship and trying to take out Gamora. However, at other times, she seems to be lending the team a helping hand. So yeah, this is still so...nebulous.

Wait, Rocket betrays the team?

When Ayesha is giving her foreboding voiceover, her line about "betrayal" matches up with a scene of Rocket seemingly surrendering to Yondu and the Ravagers. We've seen previous footage of Rocket and Yondu teaming up, so it seems they may go off on their own side-adventure for at least some of the run time. But is Rocket there without approval from the rest of the team? Does he cut a deal with Yondu for some reason? We're still not exactly sure if we can trust this fuzzy little bounty hunter.

Ayesha's armada?

True, we're totally psyched about Ayesha, and she seems pretty intimidating. However, we don't know a lot about her evil plan. With that in mind, we do get a peek at a fleet of small enemy ships in the trailer. If you look closely, you'll notice they seem to be piloted by golden-faced warriors. Are these guys part of her army? Is this an attack force? It seems like a pretty logical conclusion, and the Guardians might have their hands full with these gilded bad guys.

Quill and Gamora are kind of a thing

The previous trailers have dropped some not-so-subtle hints that Quill is working through his feelings for Gamora, and here we see the two take part in a loving dance move/embrace. Has Star-Lord finally bewitched the assassin with his pelvic sorcery? Expect the shippers to ship harder this time around...but with Quill being Quill, this relationship will probably hit a bump or two along the way.

Drax has a new spacesuit

In the first Guardians of the Galaxy, there was plenty of exciting sci-fi action, but most of the space-fighting was relegated to actual ships. However, it looks like the team is getting a little bolder this time around, as the group is taking their space battles outside. In one particularly cool moment from the trailer, we get a look at Drax firing at something while sporting a shiny new spacesuit. And in true Drax fashion, he seems to be having a jolly old time murdering his enemies.

What is that paradise planet?

Toward the end of the trailer, we get a couple of scenes that apparently take place on a gorgeous paradise planet. But where exactly is this place, and what are the Guardians doing there? At the moment, we're not really sure, but it could be possibly be related to Peter Quill's father, Ego the Living Planet. Of course, there's always the chance it's another locale entirely, but wherever they are, the team seems to be absolutely fascinated.

Mantis knows Ego?

At long last, we finally get a glimpse at Kurt Russell, but when his character arrives, who's standing by his side? Well, well, well. It's Mantis.This looks to be the first meeting between Star-Lord and Russell's Ego, so it stands to reason this is the first time the team meets Mantis. With that in mind, it's logical to assume Ego might be the person who brings Mantis into the Guardian's orbit. But how exactly is she connected to Ego? While we know she eventually joins up with the Guardians, there are still a lot of secrets about this antennaed alien and her relationship to Star-Lord's dad.

Guardians assemble

Gunn might be playing with some of the same old tropes from the first Avengers movie, but it certainly looks different with a flying raccoon on the roster. Near the end of the trailer, we get a money shot of the team coming together, as Drax explains they're "family." It's especially interesting to note that Nebula, Mantis, and Yondu all seem to be full-fledged members of the team by this point. So do they all come together to combat Ayesha? If so, she's definitely going to need some backup.

Star-Lord's dad isn't being kept a secret

At the end of the trailer, Marvel unloads a pretty big reveal. Ego the Living Planet is Star-Lord's dad. Of course, we all kind of knew that ahead of time, but it's obvious James Gunn isn't keeping any secrets. Ego's relationship to Quill is made explicitly clear here, so it must not be too big of a twist if you give it up in the trailer, right? Kurt Russell looks sharp in the role, rocking a robe and big beard. Although, he obviously doesn't look like a giant planet. Still, we can't wait to see what Russell and Gunn have in store for the character.