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The Classic Horror Movie Fans Of American Horror Stories' Ba'al Need To Watch

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Hey "American Horror Stories" fans – do you like scary movies? 

Oops, wrong franchise — but do you like frightening films?  Something that'll make your spine tingle and your flesh crawl? Well, if you liked the fifth episode of "American Horror Stories," titled "Ba'al," which features Billie Lourd as a woman desperate enough to do anything to give birth to a baby, then you're going to love this classic film. It features a woman whose husband is desperate enough to do anything to become famous. This ends badly for everyone but the mother and the baby in both instances. 

This classic horror picture has become an iconic symbol of demonic horror, and its name is synonymous with both the downside of pregnancy and the horrors of motherhood. It's also one of the few horror films to be recognized by the Academy Awards, with a screenplay nomination and a victory for a supporting actress. of What's the name of this classic film, and where can you watch it?

Rosemary's husband made a deal with the devil and everything went to hell

"Rosemary's Baby" focuses on Rosemary Woodhouse (Mia Farrow), a young bride who moves with her actor husband, Guy, into the Bramford, a New York City apartment building with a dark past. Guy (John Cassavetes) quickly lands a prominent role in a new play, and the young couple decide to celebrate by having a baby. On the night they've set aside for the conception, their busybody neighbor, Minnie Castevet (Ruth Gordon) brings over some mousse, which tastes funny. Soon, Rosemary passes out and fantasizes about conceiving Satan's baby while her husband and the rest of the building's tenants watch.  Or is it a nightmare? 

Rosemary soon learns that she's pregnant, and horrifying signs begin to mount up that her hallucination was no dream but a real event. Is she carrying Satan's spawn, or is she caught up in the grips of paranoia? The film, which won Ruth Gordon a Best Supporting Actress Oscar in 1969 and is being preserved on the National Film Registry as of 2014, has become a legendary horror movie which is enough to give the willies to any expecting parent.

The parallel between Rosemary's story and Liv's is clear, but poor Rosemary isn't quite a lucky. Find out what happens to her by renting "Rosemary's Baby" from Youtube Movies, VuduGoogle Play, or Amazon Prime.