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Glow Up: The Next Makeup Star Season 4 - What We Know So Far

The third season of the British competition series "Glow Up: The Next Makeup Star" (known as "Glow Up: Britain's Next Make-Up Star" in the U.K.) finally made its U.S. debut when it premiered on Netflix at the end of July (all three seasons are available). Each season of the show features ten aspiring makeup artists as they compete in a series of challenges to win a career-making opportunity in the makeup and beauty industry. Hosted by Stacey Dooley for the first two seasons, presenter Maya Jama stepped into the role for Season 3

Sophie Baverstock was named the winner of the third season and Craig Hamilton the runner-up, and ever since then fans of the show have been wondering about what the future holds and when they might see a fourth season. So, in the interest of doing our civic duty, we've gathered up everything we know about the competition show and what to expect from it in the future. Here's what we know so far about Season 4 of "Glow Up: The Next Makeup Star."

What is the release date for Glow Up: The Next Makeup Star Season 4?

The third season of "Glow Up: The Next Makeup Star" debuted in April 2021 in the U.K., airing new episodes through June. As of publishing, there has unfortunately been no announcement regarding a fourth season renewal, which means we obviously don't know the release date of Season 4 in the United Kingdom or the United States. However, just because "Glow Up: The Next Makeup Star" Season 4 hasn't been ordered yet, it doesn't mean that something isn't in the works and that we can't make an educated guess.

If we look to the past for guidance, the first season premiered in the U.K. in March 2019, the second in May 2020, and the third in April 2021. It's reasonable to assume, then, that if there is a Season 4 on the horizon, we could probably expect it to debut during the spring of 2022 in the U.K. and hit Netflix a few months after it's finished its run. Again, this is all conjecture because "Glow Up" has yet to be renewed for Season 4, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared, and it definitely won't stop us from dreaming about future seasons.

Who is in the cast of Glow Up: The Next Makeup Star Season 4?

Once again, "Glow Up: The Next Makeup Star" has yet to be renewed for Season 4 in the U.K., which means we don't have any information regarding who might be in the cast of a fourth season. This also means that there has been no information regarding possible casting calls for the show. However, we do know that in the past the application process for new seasons of the series, handled by Wall to Wall, has typically opened sometime around October. 

So, if BBC Three does decide to bring the competition series back for another round of episodes to air next year, we'll likely have a bit more information to go on in the fall. That's not very far away, and we'll update this story with any and all information as it becomes available, so please keep checking back for the latest on Season 4.

How can I watch the trailer for Glow Up: The Next Makeup Star Season 4?

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Season 4 of "Glow Up" has yet to be ordered. It's a bit difficult, then, to watch a trailer for a new season of a show that does not yet exist and hasn't been filmed. You'll have to wait a little while if you're hoping to be able to watch a trailer for Season 4 of "Glow Up: The Next Makeup Star." We will, of course, update this story with a trailer as soon as one becomes available (assuming one eventually becomes available). 

In the meantime, you can relive some of your favorite moments from previous seasons to keep you occupied. BBC Three has helpfully put together a compilation of every amazing look from Season 2 as well as the best looks and moments from Season 3 to get you through this trying time.