Alien: Covenant Teaser Introduces Michael Fassbender's New Android

Attention, Michael Fassbender fans. Alien: Covenant will feature two Fassbenders for the price of one, and a new teaser offers an informal introduction to the new android he'll play.

Fassbender first appeared as the synthetic David in Prometheus, but he'll also play Walter, an upgraded version of the problematic earlier model. The teaser only features a quick glimpse of Walter, but it also promises a full video to come tomorrow (March 10). It'll probably be similar to the fake marketing clip released for David ahead of Prometheus (below).

Walter will join the crew of the Covenant on their colony mission to a mysterious planet that they find already has dangerous occupants. Meanwhile, after the events of Prometheus, David is on the planet after going rogue, and he's using it for his own curious experiments.

The sequel (which is a prequel to the original Alien) also stars Katherine Waterston, Danny McBride, and James Franco in a surprise (but reportedly brief) role. Watch the first full trailer and a four-minute prologue to the film. Alien: Covenant lands in theaters May 19.