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Surge - What We Know So Far

Ben Whishaw is perhaps one of the most enigmatic actors working today. Equally as comfortable in indies as he is in big studio fare, and possessing a range that lets him move between genres and time periods with ease, there's nothing Whishaw can't do. And, if you need further proof, just watch the trailer for "Surge," Whishaw's upcoming release set in present-day London (via Slashfilm). 

"Surge" is set for release later this year after an incredible run on the festival circuit over the last year. The pulse-pounding drama premiered at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival and was an official selection at the 2020 Berlinale Film Festival. 

"Surge" is directed by Aneil Karia. Per the press notes for "Surge", which are available via FilmRise, this is Karia's second time working with Whishaw following their collaboration on Karia's 2013 short film "Beat." In addition to directing, Karia co-wrote "Surge" with Rita Kalnejais ("Babyteeth") and Rupert Jones ("Kaleidoscope"). Here's what else we know about "Surge," including the release date, cast, and plot.

What is the release date of Surge?

When the trailer for "Surge" was released in late July 2021, the release date was also released to prospective audiences. Per YouTube, "Surge" will be released in theaters and on cable video on-demand on Friday, September 24. Then, "Surge" will be available everywhere on October 25. 

Currently, there seem to be no plans for "Surge" to be available to view for free through any streaming platform. It's also unclear how long "Surge" will be available in theaters and VOD before it gets a wider release in mid-October. If you happen to miss "Surge" when it arrives this fall through a variety of distribution methods, then you could wait to see if it heads to streaming. Currently, the streaming release plans for "Surge" are unclear, so if you have an interest in checking this movie out, you'll need to keep your eyes peeled for an announcement. Generally speaking, "Surge" could likely end up on a streaming service as early as spring 2022.

Who is in the Surge cast?

The biggest star of "Surge" is the same actor who is at the center of this thriller's story: Ben Whishaw. Even if Whishaw's name doesn't ring a bell, his impressive resumé of acting credits will definitely help jog your memory. To date, Whishaw is best known as the voice of Paddington, the most adorable, marmalade-loving bear on the planet. Whishaw voiced the beloved character in the blended live-action and animation movies 2014's "Paddington" and 2017's "Paddington 2," and is expected to return as the character in the upcoming "Paddington 3." In addition to his work as Paddington, Whishaw may be familiar to audiences thanks to his performance as Q during the Daniel Craig era of the James Bond franchise. Whishaw first played Q in 2012's "Skyfall," effectively bringing the character back into the Bond fold after he was absent from both "Casino Royale" — Craig's first outing as 007 — and "Quantum of Solace." He'll be seen alongside Craig once more in "No Time to Die." In addition to these essential performances, you've likely seen and enjoyed Whishaw in "Mary Poppins Returns," "The Lobster," and "Cloud Atlas."

The supporting cast of "Surge" features UK actors who may be lesser-known to U.S. audiences, but are still just as talented as Whishaw. The "Surge" supporting cast includes Hammed Animashaun ("Black Mirror"), Ian Gelder ("Game of Thrones"), Jasmine Jobson ("Noughts + Crosses"), Laurence Spellman ("Ready Player One"), Muna Otaru ("The Irregulars"), and Chris Coghill ("EastEnders").

What is the plot of Surge?

"Surge" is not based on a pre-existing story, comic book, or novel, nor is it a remake of a previous TV show or movie. Instead, this feature film is a wholly original tale. The plot of "Surge" seems to be just as kinetic on paper as it looks to be in the official trailer. According to the plot featured on FilmRise, the movie's U.S. distributor, "Surge" follows "Joseph (Whishaw), who "is trapped in a soulless job, living a life devoid of emotion and meaning. After an impulsive act of rebellion, Joseph unleashes a wilder version of himself. He is propelled on a reckless journey through London, ultimately experiencing what it feels like to be alive."

We also get some details from the "Surge" trailer regarding the plot. Throughout the trailer, we see that Joseph has a steady but nerve-wracking job as an airport security attendant. He also appears fairly isolated, still living with his parents and with no life outside of this. It's unclear what tips Joseph over the edge, but once he gets started, he spirals into a completely visceral nosedive. He robs a bank, tears up a hotel room, picks a fight with a stranger, and goes clubbing. All the while, the "Surge" trailer teases a story that will be brimming with anxiety and action in equal measure, with audiences on tenterhooks as they wait to see how things will turn out for Joseph.

"Surge" arrives in theaters and VOD on September 24, so keep an eye out for this gripping, stripped-down thriller.