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Actors Had To Ride A Roller Coaster 26 Times For This Horror Flick

Coasterphobia is relatively common, with side effects being refusal to ride roller coasters, feeling anxious about the speed and height, or feeling trapped in the small car (via Fear Of). One noughties horror film explored those fears and is often cited as the reason why people are afraid of the thrilling amusement park ride.

The brutal scene required the actors to ride the corkscrewing coaster more than two dozen times in one night. Compared to films like "The Shining," where Shelley Duvall was infamously pushed beyond her limit to achieve one of the film's most tense scenes in a grueling 127 repetitive takes, this is nothing.

But imagine riding a roller coaster 26 times in a row. At that pace, even a kiddie coaster or the lazily twirling teacups would get nauseating after a few rounds. Combined with the task of remembering their lines and acting out violent deaths, these actors had quite the challenge.

So, which horror movie had its stars riding a roller coaster over and over?

A franchise of freak accidents

Following in the footsteps of its two predecessors, "Final Destination 3" opens with one young adult having a premonition that winds up sparing the lives of multiple people. In this case, the freak accident occurs on the Devil's Flight roller coaster as its safety bars and cars give out. Everyone on board died horrifically, desperately hanging on but falling to their deaths, being crushed by flying cars, or being thrown into the air.

According to Creepy Catalog, the five-minute scene required 26 rides to fully capture the over-the-top terror of the malfunctioning thrill ride. While the franchise is known for its many creative kills — including tanning beds turned all the way up and a brutal gymnastics incident — one of the most memorable is the off-the-rails roller coaster ride from the third installment.

The mechanics of the scene may be nonsensical, but as one character says before his death, "the real fear with these rides is the feeling of having no control."