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What Happened To Greg On The Bachelorette?

This article contains specific spoilers for week nine of Season 17 of "The Bachelorette," as well as some overall spoilers of the season

Buckle in, "Bachelor Nation," we're in for a doozy here.

For fans of the long-lived ABC reality competition show "The Bachelorette," trying to pick out the likely winner of the show's herd of hopeful gentlemen is sometimes like plucking a needle from a haystack. For the 17th and currently running season, fans thought they had the clear favorite picked right out — the slightly geeky Greg, a marketing sales representative from New Jersey who immediately won the First Impression Rose of Katie, our Bachelorette for the season. She gave him the first date rose after that — and asked for a follow-up date immediately afterwards.

Fans have been rooting for the pair ever since, watching as the twosome bonded. After Katie placed 11th in her season of "The Bachelor," fans seemed to think she deserved all the happiness in the world. And Greg outlasted many of his rivals, making it all the way to the Hometown Dates week which precedes the selection of the top two contestants and the delivery of the final rose.

However, a rather huge speedbump has arrived to slow the roll of the good ship Katie and Greg. Here's the lowdown on last night's episode, regarding what happened to Greg and how it marked the end of the line for them (or did it?).

"I like looking at you." Ouch!

It started with a declaration of love ... and it didn't go well after that.

During their hometown date — which involved meeting Greg's best friend, mother and brother — Greg spilled his guts to Katie, informing her that he loves her and that she was the only person who had cheered him up in the wake of his father's death. Katie's reply — after vowing in a confessional that she wasn't going to tell any of the men that she loved them until the last episode: "I like looking at you."

A tear-filled and angry confrontation followed the next day, with Greg begging her to tell him she loved him. When she refused to return his affections, he told her he was leaving the show. And leave he did, causing Katie to burst into tears.

It remains to be seen if Greg will somehow make a miraculous return to the show (reality gossip writer Reality Steve insists he will) during the final episode. One thing we do know for certain — after the show, Katie posted an Instagram Live story in which she put forth a link to an explainer on gaslighting. Ouch.